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August 12, 2015- First...and last letter from the MTC!


So here is my first and last P-Day here in the MTC. Sorry that it was an entire week until we got to talk! I pretty much ran here to the computers so I could write!

Well as you could expect this past week was quite the whirlwind. So I will try my best to keep in in a cohesive letter.

So I guess lets start with my comp, his name is Elder Ronson and he is from Ceder Hills. He went to Maser and he is actually going to the Scottscdale AZ mission. Us English Elders kinda get thrown around since we are just here 12 days. Elder Ronson is a really nice guy but he is kinda quirky. But I have learned to love my comp. He is kinda reserved in lessons so I kinda have to dominate them, but its all good!

Anyways so in my district there is 4 sisters (All going to Jacksonville FL) And then there is a companionship of Elders also going to Scottsdale. (Elder Bean and Elder White) They got called as the Zone Leaders so they are really good guys! (We arent suppose to say things like guys, dudes etc) Elder Bean looks like and reminds me of Gavin Mcclain. Hes from Shelly Idaho and is just a stud. Also in the district is Elder Mcdonald (the Elder Alyssa knew) and Elder Jackson who are coming with my to DC! Us three are the DC boys! I know I should get to know my comp and love him, but I obviously spend lots of time with my DC boys! Elder Mcdonald is my boy! Him and I really hit it off and you can tell from the pictures I will send haha

I know that seems crazy now to be with people I will serve with. But from multiple experiences I know this was the district I was suppose to start my mission with. Our travel itinerary has says our group is 13, but all we know about is a Spanish Elder, Spanish Sister, and 2 ASL sisters.. so who knows who the others are.

Speaking of pictures, I think I have taken more in a week then Garret has in a year. I have like 30 pictures but I think I can only send a few. So if there is ever a week in the next little while where I don't have new pictures I will try to send a few more!

Okay so heres a run down of the week. I have my journal with me so I can try to remember as much as I can as I write. So I walk away from you guys and its just like BAM Im getting ran through lines, having papers shoved in my hands all the while I dont think my brain was working. Then I get my badge put on for the first time and I was just at peace. Other then meeting the district, and my teachers Brother Griffiths and Sister Wolfe, I dont remember much. But I saw TONS of guys even on the first day. Over the week I think I have seen everyone. I see Elder Thompson.... or Parker haha I just automatically wrote Elder Thompson, at almost every meal. I've also seen Coleman, T-Swan, Easton, Grant Bakker. Nick Beard, Micheal Delew, Parker Jackson, Briggs Jensen and just lots of people!

Tuesday morning was probably my lowest point. I woke up and it was just the "is it seriously the first official day 1 of two years...  But we had a class called "People and your Purpose" which really helped. After a day of classes we got to meet our branch presidency. Which are AWESOME! They are soo nice to us and just like our little mission grandparents. I was also called as the district leader that night. Like Garret said.. Doesnt mean much. I just get the mail and conduct meetings.

 The MTC really is a place of miracles. The told us in our welcoming meeting that this campus is probably the spot in the world that the most prayers are offered on. That is 100% true, 24/7 I would say somewhere on the campus there is a prayer being offered. This is such a special place with such a special spirit. It has been amazing to feel that spirit for this week. 

Anyways I am getting long (and yes I know Mom no letter could be too long ;) ) But I think Monday was the day I fully clicked over. I am a missionary and I only get to serve one mission. I have 2 years to serve and a life to think about how I served is how Elder Grow of the Seventy who was our devotional last night put it. I am pretty much over my home sickness. Yes I miss all of you, especially you Mom:), but I am good. Because I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Yes are there times I wish I could be sitting on the couch at home eating Cheez-Its and watching Netflix, but I am here to work and glad to be here! 

Let me say that my favorite thing at the MTC is when we sing. The singing is SO powerful and the spirit is so strong! Especially when we sing songs like Called to Serve or Bring the World His Truth. And MTC choir should be a requirement for everyone. In our opening devotional the MTC presidency shared a picture of two people climbing a mountain. One person was helping and one was being helped. They told us that we need to all be faithful enough and be humble enough to be both people. Be humble enough to help. And be humble enough to BE helped. That is true and I have seen that over the past week. 

Something that helps me when it gets rough is I just take my badge off and look at it. Elder Carroll, and right below is Jesus Christ. I am his representative and I always cheer up when I see that. 

I LOVE YOU ALL!! Thanks for the package it was so great! Mom look up Dear Elder, I can get same day letters from you if you send the Dear Elder, cause I wont hear from you until I am in DC. So email me a response to this letter.  But Copy and Paste it into a Dear Elder Letter (Just Google Dear Elder) so I can read it before I leave the MTC. Today at the Temple was great, but I think I like my temple clothes a lot better than the rentals haha. Also the temple is awesmoe, but just not the same when I dont get to see you Mom when I get to the Celestial Room. And Dad thanks for teaching me quickly how to do your temple clothes, there was some Elders that struggled haha 

I fly out on the 18th. So this is my last P-day haha I have to be at the MTC travel office at 4:30AM and my flight leaves SLC at about 9:45. So I will get to Reagan at about 2 Utah time. As far as I know I get to call at some point on the 18th.



(Yes my name is still Austin even if I have only heard Austin a few times this past week. But Elder Carroll is starting to grow on me;) ) 

The DC boys

Me and my Comp Elder Ronson

Elder Swan and Elder Price!


Mine and Elder Mcdonalds bromance haha seriously I love that guy! He's awesome and we have connected way good! 

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