Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 29, 2017

Hi Gang!

Well sounds like it was a low key, but good week for you guys. That's how I would describe our week out here. 
It's crazy to think that exactly 2 years ago I was here in DC with you Mom and Dad! Man how time flies. It's been weird to have a super clear memory like that this weekend to think about how much has changed in those two years. Like us running around trying to figure out how to get places, or ride the metro, or find places to eat. And now DC is like my second home. I can't wait for a few weeks to have you all here and get to show you the DC I've now come to know and love so much. 

Well this week has been good, but a little slower since I got sick on Friday. It's just a head cold with a bad sore throat and hacking up my body weight in mucus. Some other missionaries had it before me so it's going around. Judging off their recovery time I should be all good within the next day or so. But we were still able to have a good week with the people we are working with. Mackedas baptism is this week! We are super excited for her. It's been so awesome to teach someone who's been so prepared by the Lord but as well her family. She knows basically everything about the church and then we fill in the gaps. Like we taught tithing and her only questions was "which guys in the suits can I give it to?"  Ha, classic. 

Well that's all I've got.. the more emails I write the harder it is to make them long and detailed. But things are going great, I hope you guys have a great week! Love you!!


 Elder (Jake) Kohler from Draper takes off in the coming week 

Crashed a birthday party

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May 22, 2017

Hey Fam!

Sorry it's a late email getting to you! Like you said in your email, I was in Arlington today! It was such a great time, really just hanging out with all the missionaries going home in the next little bit was tons of fun. I just kicked it with McDonald and Florence most the day.  We started out and stopped by places like the Kennedy's grave, the
Arlington house and finished out at the amphitheater and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and watched the changing of the guard. I'll add the pictures for you to see.

It was another great week out here. Like I let you guys know last week, I'm staying here in Montgomery Village to finish out my mission which I'm really excited for. To answer your questions- yes I'm still serving as a District Leader for this transfer, and MyPlan is still going good. This last week was the Study of what they title "Remember and Become". So you think a lot about what you have learned on your mission and what you hope to build on from what you've learned. 

As far as the work, Mackeda is on date for June 2! And then we have a new investigator (that members boyfriend) and his name is Mike! He is so solid and we expect he will get baptized soon! He's so solid. The recent converts are all doing well and things continue to be going well here!

Another highlight for the week was Why I Believe where Eric Weddle spoke! Super cool to hear an NFL player talk about his conversion to the gospel. And then of course get to see all the mission buds.

Well I sure love you guys! Have a great weeks!!

Elder Cowan and I showed up to
Why I Believe 
wearing the exact same thing...
May 15, 2017

Hello family!

Well it is good to know you all are alive and well after the Skype! It's always weird to send an email less than 24 hours after seeing each other. So this one will probably be pretty short. But I agree, it was beyond the hi light of the week to talk to you guys. It's always so nice to see how easy it is to jump back into our relationships as a family even after this much time to just jump back in. 

It's so crazy to say goodbye and realize that the next time I see you guys it will be in person! You asked about My Plan, so it is each week we work on a different section and we just do it during our personal Study time. I've really liked it so far, the church did a really good job with it and I really like the message it sends to returning missionaries. I think it's helped manage the emotions of coming home some. Tonight I'll get the call of where I'll be for the last transfer. It is so crazy to realize I'm starting my last transfer. Now just to see where I'll be for it!

Things are going really good here in Mo-Ville. Like I mentioned on the Skype call, Latif blessed the Sacrament for the first time yesterday and Mackeda came to church. On top of that a member brought her boyfriend and we are going to start teaching him! Things are going well as we continue to work with George and Susan as well as Tiara and a few others. The work is going awesome here, I really would like to stay here with Elder Vance, but we will see. 

It was so great to see you yesterday! I'll probably be a little later next week responding with the trip to Arlington, but I'll make sure to take some pictures! Love you guys!!


An e-mail that we received later....
Well looks like I'll be finishing my mission is Mo-Ville with Elder Vance. We are really excited to be stay here together and see what we can pull off with these last few weeks. 

Love you all and thanks for all the support!

 We had District Activity today, we just hung out at the chapel and played ping pong 

We came back to this place after we knocked it a few days before and found this sign 
May 8, 2017


So for our DC trip last week we met up with Elder Cowan and Elder Blood (I'll attach pictures) but I'm excited for you guys to get here and to show you around DC as well! It's going to be a blast! I'm excited for Sunday!! As far as a call time we have dinner from 4-5 with a family so 5:30 my time would be perfect! I'll see you guys then:)  

So I started MyPlan this week (so to answer your question yes we use it), the church made it so you do it for you last transfer and just work your way through all the stuff, and it's got me thinking about all the smaller details of pulling together plans for home. Like work and everything, but I know most of that can't get solidified until I'm actually home. So we can talk some on Sunday and then catch up the rest when you pick me up! But it's funny you brought up MyPlan cause I was gonna mention it in my email. I got the email that started me on MyPlan this past week. It's such a cool thing the church is doing and I really like the message they are trying to send to missionaries. That your mission was great but you need to move on cause there are bigger and better things out there. Which seems crazy to be told cause it seems like your whole mission you are told that this is the most important thing to be doing and nothing else will come close. But really God is all about progression so of course there are better things in store. That's how your entire life should be, continuing to progress and continuing to Become who God made you to be. And that's the whole purpose of MyPlan, so I'm excited to keep working on it for the last few weeks I'm out here. It sure is weird reading it and it congratulating you on being in your last few weeks and how you'll soon be a returned missionary. Sure settles in the fact the end real is coming fast!

Work wise this week was a little slower one, Mackeda still is doing great! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and it went well. She's getting her work schedule changed so she can come to church. We had to bump her date to June 3rd because of her not being able to come to church. But you are right, with her Mom already a member this is like a lop over the center of home plate, it's been easy teaching her. 

Biggest event of the week was our good old Bible bash with our dear friend Danny. The Spanish Elders knocked into this guy and invited them back so they sent us the appointment and we didn't know what we were getting ourselves into. This guy was prepared to throw down. He didn't have any opinion of himself really so he just quoted all this stuff from the internet and didn't accept our answers for anything. But I thought we did a super good job in trying to teach him and defend what is actually church doctrine. It was Elder Vances first good bash so it was good for him to be a part of, and it had been a little bit since I had one that big. It's been kinda nice to serve state side where you have to learn how to explain, correct, and defend church doctrine that's not just the basic PMG lessons. So all good learning experiences!

Well I'm excited to see you guys on Sunday! Crazy that it's the last Skype call already!! I love you guys lots!!



May 1, 2107

Hey Fam!

I'm writing this email as I sit on the metro down to DC. Like I've mentioned before things have change with policy with when we can go sight see in the city so we can go every 6 months and we decided to do our trip now. So this is my last time in DC until I'm here with all of you!:) It will be nice, I've missed the city so much, but I'm glad for the 8 months I served there. So my letter might be a little shorter since I don't have as much time to sit and write. 

Not too much to report for this week. We had two exchanges this week, one was with the Zone Leaders and I got to go with Elder (Darius) McFarland. So we got to re-live those flash black days of playing AAU basketball together so that was tons of fun. 

Work wise it was a little slower with some meetings filling some time. The biggest hi light was picking up this awesome new investigator named Mackeda! She is the daughter of one of the ward members and she just moved from Liberia to live with her Mom here. And her Mom then called us over to teach her! The ward here is really starting to catch momentum with the work and it's going great!

I'll get back to you about the Mothers Day call, probably after church for you guys works better for me. So in the evening for me and late afternoon for you guys. I can't wait to talk to you guys, times coming to a close so fast out here! Love you all! 

 Shipped my bike home:)