Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26, 2017

Hi all!

Well it is so crazy that this is the last email until you guys are in Florida and then up here in DC! Sounds like it's been a crazy but fun week for you guys as you get ready to take off. That was really fun to see those pictures of Caleb sailing! Also so crazy that Alyssa is now in the MTC. I'm on her mailing list so you don't have to forward her emails. I'm sure it was nice to have a last night as a family with her but lots of emotions since you guys now are veterans at sending off missionaries;)

Really it's just at the point that it is so surreal. I can't explain the mix of emotions that it is. This Wednesday is transfers for a ton of the guys to go. Jenks, Florence, Torgerson, all of them take off this week. The Johnson's were really nice and invited me to do all the going home stuff with that group since I'm going on the mid transfer. So this week I'll get to go to departing temple and dinner on Wednesday. Only catch is they all go to bed that night to fly home and I have to go back to my area. 

This week has been a good one, just full of regular missionary work which I think at this point is the best thing to have happening. Mike is doing awesome! Him and Aminata are set to get married on the 8th and then the baptism will be July 15th in the early afternoon! It's so cool how that all came together. I feel so blessed for how my mission will end. It really is going out on a high note. Other than that I don't have much to say about the week, we did some service and washed out a shed for like 3 hours. The things that are entertaining as a missionary but I would have refused to do if I was at home haha

Well I'm all emailed out, I'll give you guys all the good stories in 2 weeks when I see you!! It's so weird that it is that close until I see you all. Like I said a mix of emotions, but know that one of those emotions is being so excited to see you all!! Love and miss you guys. 


District Activity today
We played sand volleyball & disc golf!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

June 19, 2017

Hey Gang!

I sent Dad an email last week for it, but Happy (late) Father's Day to Dad, Grandpa, Papa D and all the other Dads in my life! I'm glad you were able to spend some time with the family, especially at Alyssa's farewell. Thanks for sending me her talk, it was nice to feel a little bit apart of her leaving. It's so crazy that her and Ethan are already getting to the point where they are taking off on their missions! Well it sounds like it was another busy week for you all! I'm glad that girls camp was able to get pulled off despite the snow! And I'm sure it was fun for Dad to be down with the young men, their trip sounds like a ton of fun!! 

Well this week was so great!! Get this! After district meeting we decided to grab some lunch at Cafe Rio and as we are walking up guess who we see sitting in there?? THE COOKES!! We ran in and got to talk to them and ahh it was so great! I've missed them so much and it was fun to catch up with them and talk. They had just come from working out so they kept apologizing they weren't all done up and because of that we weren't able to get a picture with them. Sister Cooke beat me to even asking, they want us to come visit them so I'm thinking probably Monday since they live in the same neighborhood as the mission home. But it was so awesome to get to see the Cookes and reconnect after a year. 

And then guess who else I got to see this week?? Coombs!! So he was in town with his wife to visit and had sent me an email asking if we wanted to go to lunch with him. So of course we said yes! It was so awesome to get to catch up with him too and see how just like with the Cookes nothing has changed. Even though it's been a year, the relationships are still the same. Him and his wife also came to Why I Believe and it was nice to have them.  They are going to come down to my homecoming so you'll get to meet Coombs then! 

On Saturday we got to meet as a whole mission at the VC because Elder Nielsen, the executive director of the Missionary Department was in town for a Stake Conference and he wanted to meet with the mission. It was a great visit! Him and his wife gave super awesome trainings! It's been fun to interact with so many General Authorities lately.  

Also then to top off the week get this! So remember when I said we were teaching the boyfriend of a member? Well they are now getting married and he's gonna get baptized! So the wedding is July 8th and the baptism will be July 15th! Yup while we are here! So we will be coming up to MoVille for one last baptism while you guys are all here!!!:)

Like I said Why I Believe was last night, and it was so weird to realize it was my last one as a missionary since I'll be released before the next one with you guys. The time sure is going quick, it will be a good last few weeks!! Sure love you guys!!

 Spencer (Coombs) and his wife Jori 

And of course got to see my boy Elder McDonald!

Monday, June 12, 2017

June 12, 2017

Hi all!!

Sounds like it was a good week for you all! I'm sure all the little ones are super pumped about it finally being summer! Sounds like there is all kinda of activities and events for you guys this upcoming week!  Have fun with girls camp, high adventure, and everything else! It was fun to see Caleb ridding the old mission bike in Moab! 

This week was a pretty good one. I got over the sinus and ear infection so that was nice to get over. Work wise it was a little slower considering we had a full day Zone Conference, interviews, and an exchange with some Elders in our district. Zone Conference sure was a reminder that the end is coming soon. It was my last one and they do
a little tribute thing to the missionaries going home and have us bear a final testimony. And wow that was a lot harder then I thought it would be.. there is a lot of emotions that go into 2 years. It was good though, Sister Johnson talked about how this is really hard for her because it feels like she's sending away her own missionary but knows the emotions on your end of us all coming home. So it's mixed emotions for all of us!

Well with bearing my death testimony in Zone Conference and the fact there is only 3 weeks after this one I've been thinking a lot about my mission. I'm glad I've had all the experiences and met all of these people here. There has been some amazing times but also some really tough ones. But I look back on it all and the biggest overwhelming feeling is that it was all so worth it. I'm so glad I had the chance to serve here in DC. It's been an amazing 2 years and I can't believe it's only a few weeks left. Sure love and miss you guys! See you soon!

The only picture I have of the week is with one of the Bishop's sons
at dinner the last week.  He is hilarious, he's 2 and a complete chatter box.  
It was nice to eat with Bishop and his family-it's been great to work with such
good ward leaders here in MoVille.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

June 5, 2017

Hi all!!

I know it is so crazy that it is June now! Sure sounds like all the end of the school year events are all going on. Sounds busy! The kids out here still have like 2 more weeks, so tell them to count their blessings haha. Also sounds like it's been quite the adventure putting down that new sod in the back, I have to say I'm not too broken up
that I missed it:)

So this week felt really short with how busy the end of it was. On Tuesday morning I ended up calling the mission doctor because I was pretty certain I had an ear infection on top of what was either a cold or sinus infection. So the mission doctor set me an appointment to to see someone and we ended up leaving District Meeting early to go to it
and come to find out... both were true. He said the ear infection was pretty bad, so as of now it's the only thing that not quite 100% yet. But I've been on an antibiotic that I still have a few days left to finish. Also kinda funny story at the doctors that only you guys will really get. So know how Carroll's have like super low blood pressure?? Anyways so the nurse is doing all my vitals and steps back and asks me all concerned if I have high blood pressure and I kinda laugh and then realize she's serious and I'm like uhh.. no? Then the doctor takes it and it was as he would say "elevated". So I asked if there is anything that could raise it and he lists off "medicine like NyQuil, caffeine
but I know you Mormons don't drink that, and increased stress in your life situation". And I was like, well shoot that's 3 strikes. I've been pounding NyQuil, I was drinking a Pepsi no joke 5 minutes before I walked in here, and I'm coming home from a mission! I then had to briefly correct the whole we don't drink caffeine thing. But yeah
so then we go to CVS the next day to get my prescription and I throw my arm in the blood pressure cuff there and sure enough.. I was back to normal Carroll low blood pressure. 107/64 with a pulse rate of 53 bpm. So don't worry I didn't develop hypertension at the age of 20 like the doctor thought.

The rest of the week was good, and Friday was awesome with Mackedas baptism!! It all went smooth and we had a pretty good showing from the ward! Elder Vance baptized her and then I confirmed her yesterday. She's so awesome. She's really shy but she's getting more comfortable around us. One time in a lesson I gave her a thumbs up and now that's just her thing with us, she just will smile and give us a thumbs up a lot and then basically whisper back to us when she talks. And then Saturday was also way cool, Elder Vance got called to go back to an
old area to baptize someone. And it was like an hour and 40 min drive there! But it was super cool because if was a Mom and her two sons, so it was a weekend of baptisms!

Well that's a wrap.  This weeks will be pretty busy with my last Zone Conference and interviews with President and Sister Johnson! So crazy how fast time is flying, love and miss you guys!!