Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 15, 2016

Hi everyone!

So it is snowing today and we just got told we cannot drive until further notice. Luckily Elder McDonald, Mellen and McDonald came up to sleep over for Pday! So without even knowing we got all together for what might turn into a few snow days.. You never know with these Marylanders and their snow haha

Happy late Valentines Day to you all too! It was sure low key compare to what is normally expected at home.. I wore a pink tie to church and that was about it haha. But yes I got your package and it was great!! Thanks for all the love from home! And I loved the bear hug card.

Sadly we didn't get in contact with the family from Jamaica. They have had on/off contact with missionaries for a reason, they are super sketchy to contact. So who knows what will happen to that all. Also... Yes!! It has been so cold this week!! Wow the wind here just cuts you in half!

This week was pretty good. A few highlights I will hit..

A few miscellaneous things like having to go get the oil changed in my car was annoying. Also we went to help move these members and no one from the Ward showed up except the Elders Quorum President! Luckily it was just a 1 bedroom apartment. 

Saturday was by far the highlight of the week. Every second Saturday the mission had a time slot at the temple for our recent converts to come and do baptisms. So we went with a man named Bob who has been a convert for about 9 months! He's just the greatest and a solid recent convert. He even brought his own family names! I was asked to help do confirmations and I love getting to serve in the temple. It was so cool to see all these missionaries walk in to the room with their recent converts and all of them would just be so happy! 

Sunday was a shock to the system as the reorganized the Bishopric! The Ward mission leader was called into the bishopric so we are currently Ward Mission Leader-Less. So we will see who will get called and what will all happen. 

Sorry for the not great email this week! I'll try to do some crazy stuff next week and have a good email next week haha. I'm going to go adventure into the snow so I gotta run. I love you all lots and miss you tons!!


 Oh major PS. I forgot to mention on Friday I got talked into another pepper at Sister 
Mayes. I can't decide if I'm just getting use to it or stupid. Or both haha!  
Anyways Coombs was there to get a pair of pants sewed by her and it was his 
first time so he had to do a pepper. They convinced us that we had to 
do a "Posterity Pepper". So Coombs, Me, and Schank all had to do one together. 
And this one was my hottest one yet!!!  So enjoy this picture of us dying and enduring together.. 
Granddad, Dad and Baby Boy

I found a real nice Under Armor Maryland Shirt!

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