Monday, March 21, 2016

March 14, 2016

Hi everyone!

So this past week had an interesting twist as I got an email last Monday from President Cooke asking how much ASL I know.. So I spent the next few days thinking I was getting a language reassignment and freaking out. Long story short, they might be bringing some Elders out of the ASL program to English to get trained up and go back because the ASL program is struggling. So whew.. No foreign languages for Elder Carroll.🏼️

The rest of this week was pretty regular, but Saturday was by far the highlight!! It was the monthly recent convert temple trip and we got to go again with Bob from our Ward. When I walked into the temple waiting area I saw Brother Heath (WP2 Ward Mission Leader) and he was so excited so see me! It was so fun to see him and reconnect! He's an amazing man. Plus Elder Coombs walked in a few minutes later so it was a White Plains reunion! Then we find out who they brought.. Scott Jenkins!! Ahh I was so happy to see Scott! Scott holds a special place in my heart as he was the very first person I ever met with on my mission. We had tried to get him to the temple when we were down there but between health problems and other things we never could. So it was actually his first time at the temple this past week! Talking with Scott was so great! All he cared about was Elder Coombs and I for the time we had in the waiting room! Asking all sorts of questions about our missions since we had left. Then he made comments like it was just like the good old times sitting at his house! Then the experience got even more special! Elder Coombs and I were assigned to confirm together and without planning it, Scott came in our room. So it was his old missionaries who did the confirming his first time in the temple. Scott got emotional as the spirit was pretty strong and he has such a big grasp on spiritual things. Then after he looked and me and Coombs and said "I wish I had come earlier like you guys tried to get me too. It's amazing here. But I couldn't have planned a better first experience. I'm glad you guys were here for me.  I love you guys". Coombs and I almost cried. Scott is amazing!! Then he made us promise we would see him again soon.

I love serving in a mission where I can stay connected with people from the past. Like I was talking about that with Ismael last night how we will stay connected even after I get transferred. Plus staying close with other missionaries like how close I am still with Elder Coombs! You guys will have to drive all the way up to Cache Valley for his homecoming!! It's going to be so sad this summer to see all those solid guys go. But at least I have my best buds here the whole time with me like McDonald, Mellen and Jenks.

Anyways I'm off to play football in the Mall in the rain! Know I love you all lots and think about you tons!!


PS Archibald came to church and they seem to be doing good! Susan and Sarah have slowed down a little and missed church and won't commit to a solid bdate but are still doing good! John and Danisha couldn't meet with us this week. Transfer calls are this Saturday 

This is a picture Austin sent of Scott Jenkins (who he saw in the temple) in November when
he was saying good bye before he was transferred from White Plains to Laurel.

Austin sent me an email later on p-day and said, "Pictures from today after football at the Mall! Guess who was at the Lincoln Center...Ozzy Osborne".  He said there was a bunch of security with him and he was pretty much on "lockdown" and everyone just sat and watched. Wouldn't that have been funny if they could have gotten a picture with him.  Ozzy and LDS missionaries!!! 

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