Thursday, February 2, 2017

January 30, 2017

Hello Hello!

Yes the birthday was a good one! Elder Gregsons birthday was actually the 26th so we had back to back bdays! Pretty cool! We had a full mission Conference on it! (Changes they made with the schedule just give us more flexibility with getting out the door sooner if needed. Basically just give us more agency haha. Only bummer is now only 30 min lunches) But it was great to see everyone! I of course sat with Elder Florence and McDonald. Plus a ton of other guys! After the broadcast we went and got lunch, so that was great! And that evening we went over to the Joyce's. Like you said they took real good care of me. She really did make the apricot cake! Her boys were pretty hesitant until they tried it and they really liked it haha. It was so great it was a big reminder of home! And yes I got the packages, thank you so much!! The Navy zip-up is awesome!! And thanks Mom for ruining my diet I had tried to start last week.. 

Rest of the week was kinda busy for once, mostly with meetings. Tuesday we helped a family in the ward move into a new home within the ward boundaries. It is always nice to get a break from knocking doors but picking up heavy things haha. Then on Thursday was had Zone Conference, if was so weird to not be in charge of it and running around making sure everything was set up and all. But kinda nice to sit back and relax a little.

Other then that, it was another week of just hitting the pavement. We are still just trying to find people to teach, so we just gotta keep putting in the work to find them. Hope it's a good week back home and Dad has safe travels back. Sure love and miss you guys tons!


Elder Shirley and I share a birthday 

Birthday lunch with Elders McDonald, Florence, and Cowan. 
(McDonald and Cowan are companions right now!)

JS, what a guy! He came to the broadcast with a box of chocolates and wished me a happy birthday. He's such an amazing man, he's the best!

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