Saturday, September 19, 2015

September 14, 2015

What a quick week for sure!

The beginning of the week was REALLY hot! But then it rained on Friday and all of a sudden it feels like fall! It is cool and it feels amazing! We were out tracting last night and I could have pulled on a sweater and it would have felt great! 

So this week was a pretty regular, run of the mill missionary week. On Wednesday it was my first exchange though! I went up to the Capitol Ward with our District Leader Elder Levi (pronounced Leevee). It was really cool to be in a different area and see how different missionaries work. Elder Coombs and I work hard, not to take anything away from Elder Levi, but Elder Coombs sure has set me on working hard. I got to meet some ward members and sadly I had to go to their ward coordination that night so it wasn't a full time in the area. 

So here in the DC mission you can go to the gym as long as you are back to your apartment by 7 and to studies by 8. Elder Levi is one of the gym nuts so I had to get up at 4:45 to go to the gym with him and some other Elders. It felt great working out! But I don't think I will be waking up that early every day anytime soon. After the gym we had to get ready and get down to our Zone/District meetings on Thursday. They were regular meetings so nothing to mention there.

Jump ahead to Sunday night. We were out tracting and I was kinda frustrated. Trevor had fallen through on the appointment we set. It was suppose to happen while I was on exchange, but Elder Coombs told me that night over the phone it fell through. And we haven't been able to get a hold of him since. The East Coast is a really hard place. Everyone seems so busy and they are just kinda mean people. Everyone seems to have attitude. They told us in training that over the past 15 years there has been a steady decline in baptisms across the entire East Coast. But that doesn't mean that there aren't people out there!

So back to Sunday night. We were out tracting and as I got out of the car I thought of the scripture Malachi 3:10, since we have taught about tithing over the last week to a few people. The line, "Prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts". So I got out of the car and just kinda said in a prayer, prove to me Lord there are people to teach. It was around 8 so we had 30 min to fill. The next 25 min went as usual, door slam, door slam, door slam, door slam. It was 8:25ish and really I was doing fine. Elder Coombs and I are use to getting doors slammed in our faces but we still have a good time! We just talk the while time and it really is pretty fun. And all of a sudden as we are going to the next little townhouse we hear a kid yell, "Yo! Y'all Mormons?". And I was just like oh crap this kid is just gonna make fun of us. So these two kids walk up to us and just start asking us questions and say they believe in the Bible and just wanted to know more about us. Long story short they said they are gonna come to basketball this week and they want to talk more with us! It was a really cool experience and hopefully they end out better than how things went with Trevor!

Other than the exchange really everything was pretty normal week. I forgot my journal so I can't remember specifics about the days. But this week I get my Ipad!! Finally! It will be so nice to have, and emailing will be great! Especially since I won't have to drag Coombs to take me to the church so I can email.

Today was a really cool P-Day. We drove down last night with the WP1 Elders to the Lexington Park Elders apartment to sleep over. We woke up this morning and a senior couple named the Rose's took us bowling on the naval base! Elder Rose was in the Navy and was pretty high up so he can take us on base with him. So we played 3 games of bowling and then they took us to lunch at this really good Mexican restaurant. We all love the Rose's! We call Sister Rose, Moma Rose. Cause she really is our mission grandma! They love the missionaries and we sure love them! Especially when they buy us lunch and take us bowling! 

It has been a good start to this week! Crazy that there is only 2 weeks left in this transfer and it is already almost halfway through September! I love you all! I heard about the BYU game but no did not see any of it this week haha

Love you all so much!!


Here are the pictures for the week!

So back story to these, there is a tradition in the mission that if your comp ever tips in their chair you take a selfie with them on the ground. And since we spend around 3-4 hours in those chairs per day you can tell it happens quite often..

The Relief Society President recommended we made cookies for people in the ward.. We kind of laughed at first. But Elder Coombs and I ended up buying some Toll House cookie dough and gave cookies to 3 families in the Ward. We liked it lots so we are going to do it every week now.

Bowling on our p-day

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