Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 7, 2015- Labor Day

Hi all! It is good to hear from you all as always!

So here is the run down for the week.. Tuesday nothing really to mention. But Wednesday we had a really cool experience! So we have Zone/District Meetings every Thursday and Elder Coombs/I were asked to do a workshop in Finding. And at first we were kinda discouraged because we really have had no success finding up till that point. Well we were driving out to visit some less actives and Elder Coombs turned to me and said that for my part in teaching the workshop he wanted me to share about the experience of who we found today. Well we put our faith in the Lord and he answered our prayers. While we were out that day we were tracting and met Trevor. He pulled into his driveway after we had already knocked on his door, so on our way back down the street we stopped by and talked to him in the driveway. So we talked to him and ended up giving the entire first lesson in his driveway. He accepted a Book of Mormon and we have an appointment with him this Wednesday. It was such a cool experience! Thursday was a pretty regular day but it was so cool to tell our experience with Trevor to the district during our workshop!

Friday we had to go in and get our car worked on. New tires, change the oil, stuff like that. But we ended up being at the Pep Boys for almost 3 hours. The awesome/bad thing was that SportsCenter was on in the waiting room. So I am updated on all things DeflateGate and NFL football haha. Plus the scrolling bar I saw all the football scores and such. I know I shouldn't care about sports right now but it is hard so I got my update for the next little while in the Pep Boys waiting room.

Saturday was pretty interesting also. So Saturday was my official month mark! Crazy how fast that came. We play basketball on Saturday mornings with a bunch of non member guys and the bishop/ward members. It is actually one of our best finding tools. Later that day President Cooke came down on exchange. So that was really cool/stressful. We had an appointment with the Vance's (Brittani's friend). It was so cool to be with President for that 2 hours we were with him and just how much he loves and cares about us. When we walked out of the appointment he put his hands on mine and Elder Coombs shoulders and told us "We did everything right" which was nice to hear from him. It was nice to know that he saw us do good. After he had to leave to a different area, but he wanted to pray with us before he left. So with his hands still on our shoulders in the street he prayed. It was amazing to hear him pray for us and again how much he loves us. Something that stood out to me when he prayed is he said "We know the journey is hard, but we know that if it wasn't we would not learn anything". That really hit me hard. Missions are hard because if they weren't we would not learn anything. That was such a cool experience.

After we went to the Beals for dinner. Here is our interesting experience that night. So the Beals are from Nebraska so they had the game on. And they are recent converts so they don't know all the mission rules and they had Bro Beals brother who is a non member there for dinner. So they were really excited to have us over. It was super awkward cause it wasn't like we could ask them to turn the game off. So we sat in the other room trying not to watch the game. It was so hard. Elder Coombs and I are both sports guys and BYU fans. I never would have thought that I would ever have to repent for watching football haha. But we saw the Hail Marry, I know as a missionary I shouldn't care... But that was AMAZING. Finally BYU pulls through on something big. And I would just like to say that I have been calling Tanner Mangum as a total baller for the last 3 years. So there is that. Did Taysom get hurt? I sure hope not! 
Anyways.. So I got more sports in the past few days combined as well as combined for probably a long time...

There is our week basically! Also last night we tracted into another really cool potential investigator named Kevin! It was a pretty good week!

I love you all!! 

Looking forward to hearing from you guys next week! 
Love Austin

PS Give me and update on BYU football next week cause I promise I won't be seeing any of the game next week:)  So questions..  driving.. I don't get to drive until after 2 transfers so Elder Coombs handles all the driving. Which is kinda nice cause I can slip in the occasional 10 min nap while we drive. And yes we rely on the Garmin almost as much as we rely on the Spirit. Just kidding but really we need that thing. My bike is out on our little apartment balcony and locked to the pole.

Only picture for the week!
Here is my District after our meetings this past week.

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