Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 12, 2015

Hi all!!

Well this week really felt like a week where we got back into the regular swing of things. So really not tons of eventful things happened. Just the regular knocking on doors and teaching lots of less actives. Oh I just thought of this.. So we got a new investigator, he's actually an excommunicated member. So we get lots of consulting with bishop, the stake president and we are talking to Pres Cooke about it this upcoming week. Other than that we did quite a bit of service this week. That's something the mission is pushing with a program called Just Serve. So we try to get out and do service each week. 

This past week we thought we got a solid investigator.. But she kinda feel through just like Trevor. So we were driving around after an appointment fell through. We had planned back ups but I felt like we were just not as efficient with time as I felt like we could be back when it was me and Coombs. So we decided to go tract a street with a previous investigator. We knocked about 5 doors and this girl probably mid 20's opens the door and basically has us teach the entire first lesson on her porch. She was crying after the opening prayer and then when I told her she could pray to know if all the things we had taught her were true she looked me in the eye and said I already know it's true. Then she said she wanted to come to church and she even scheduled for us to come back again in the same week! Long story short she canceled the lesson, didn't come to church and won't get back to us... It was honestly so frustrating. I'm sick of not having investigators and then once we get someone who seems to be investigating they fall off. It's not even like we get to teach them.. It's one lesson and done it feels like. But I mean I guess sometimes we just have to put in the work and we won't see the end results. I'm still really hoping to get in contact with Trevor, Gabby and a few others this upcoming week.

That's awesome you guys got to Jaydras! It's crazy she's leaving! It's always nice for me to look at my picture of my desk and see all my bros that are around the world doing the same thing I am! I had some amazing examples and support back home. Everyone is always in awe at those pictures, especially the one with Parker and those guys since every one of us in on a mission and we are all over the world! 

I'm glad you had the missionaries over! I was actually at my Bishops house last night too! We had dinner and then did a FHE with them! Bishop works for CES and is over the Institute programs of all DC and surrounding area colleges. So they lived in Wasatch HS boundaries in Utah and have only been out here for about 4 years. The whole family is awesome, I love them! Their son Jake is a senior this year so I love talking with him and we get along great! Just going to their house reminds me the most of our family and back home so I love going there! 
I love you all!! I hope you have a great week!

Love, Austin

I don't think I ever sent this one. This is the Bonneys, they have 12
kids plus they adopted 2, they are awesome!

Our map is behind my desk (I moved desks and beds when Coombs left) so
I usually stand on my desk when we plan for the next day. So here is
what a normal planning session looks like.

We played football on the mall but I went to the Air and Space with Elder McDonald for most the time.


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