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September 28, 2015

Well this letter sure is an interesting one to write. So results of the transfer call out... I am staying in White Plains 2. But, Elder Coombs is leaving. We are pretty sure he's going to be a Zone Leader. The calls for new leadership are Monday nights so we will know by the time we go to bed tonight.  So I am getting a new trainer and I am in charge of an area. Really it is a ton of responsibilities. I may still be the trainee and Jr. comp, but basically I am in place of senior companion because I have to show whoever I get around this area. Basically I am super nervous of who I get as my new trainer/companion. But this is something I have been thinking about lots since Saturday night.. If I believe that I am truly serving a mission of the Lord and this is his work then I am in his hands. When I opened my call I knew that I was called of God to serve here, and I know that President Cooke makes transfers off of much prayer and revelation. Because of that I have found comfort in knowing that whatever happens and whoever I get is because God has called them into that position. But yeah I'm still pretty nervous for Wednesday. 

So here is the rundown of my week..

Tuesday we had interviews with President. That is something that is really cool about this mission, because we are geographically small and have relatively small numbers, President Cooke interviews all missionaries at the end of each transfer. Yes most interviews only are like 2 min long but it's awesome he makes the sacrifice to meet with all of us. In our interview he told me he was just way proud of me and told me I was already a great missionary and he said if I keep working the way I am he knows I will be a great missionary to this mission. That was really nice to hear from him. Plus he talked about how much he like Elder Coombs and I together. Then after we get to have an "interview" with Sister Cooke. Which basically is take a walk around the church with her and she asks about how we are health wise. She talked about how she felt like I was adjusting so great with coming straight from high school. I love President and Sister Cooke, there are amazing people and the best mission parents!

Wednesday was a record day with us teaching 5 lessons! Our record in a week this transfer was 17. We are suppose to try to get 20 a week, but down here in Suitland getting around 10-15 is average. Most of those lessons are dinners with active members and our visits with Less-Actives.

Friday we had a lesson with our only progressing investigator, Edee! And her husband Warren. So they are this older couple that I guess have been getting taught for a little bit. We taught Plan of Salvation and the spirit was SO strong! The Plan of Salvation truly answers the Questions of the Soul: "Where did I come from? Why am I here? & Where am I going?" I bore testimony of Eternal Families and talked about Grandma. The spirit was so strong and Warren, who is the more apprehensive one, mentioned how touched he was. So that was an amazing experience. We invited them to church.. And sadly they didn't show up. 

Saturday we played basketball in the morning with Bishop, the WP1 Elders and one of their investigators. We then went to Safeway, a East Coast grocery chain, for a Food Drive that got put together. So we just would ask for people to get something while they were shopping. It was actually really successful. It was hard not to proselyte with all these people walking by us though. Especially when they would ask what church we were from. Like Elder Coombs was passing out the papers with what is needed at the Food Bank and said to a lady "Hi we are miss... Uhh we are having a food drive" I was dying behind him, it was so funny. But totally understandable considering we say "Hi we are missionaries..." About 50 times a day. After the food drive we delivered our weekly batch of cookies and had dinner with one of the members we are teaching weekly. 

Sunday was a tough day for Elder Coombs. He spent 6 months here so saying goodbye was super hard. So it was a normal Sunday schedule. Then we went to dinner at Elder Coombs favorite family, the Chamberlins. They are a part member family, she's a member and her mom who lives with them is. But he isn't and he doesn't allow the kids to go church so she doesn't come so they're isn't that contention in the home. Mostly because his parents are anti and he doesn't believe in Joseph Smith.. But they LOVE the missionaries! Which is weird to me if he doesn't believe in what we are all about and why we are even missionaries. But I think he likes the influence we have on his 4 boys (ages ranging 13-6 and a little girl age 2).  So we are working on Brian slowly. As we left Henrietta (the Grandma) asked for a blessing. So we gave her that and both Brian and Sister Chamberlin stayed as we gave it! Hopefully they will continue to work towards coming. As you said you are praying for people back home, please pray that Brian's heart can continue to be softened that we can teach them. 

It sure will be an interesting week. It kinda sucks saying bye to a trainer and companion who I learned to love so fast and got along so good with! Elder Coombs set me on the right path and it's too bad all we got was one transfer together. But a scripture that has helped this week is D&C 68:6. Also I finished the Gospels this past week! With an IPad, Elder Coombs and I watched Pres Uchdorfts talk from the Women's Session on Sunday Morning and it was awesome! 

I love you all and wish you a happy Conference weekend coming up! I will miss not being with you all. Especially not going to Priesthood with you Dad! But I'm exactly where I am suppose to be.

Love you all!

Elder Coombs and I using Sunday Morning to watch Pres Uchtdorfs talk from Women's Session!

Us at the Food Drive! We ended up getting 5 carts!

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