Monday, April 11, 2016

April 4, 2016

Hi everyone!!

So for sessions of conference I watched the Saturday Morning at our apartment in our lounge. Then the Afternoon, Priesthood and Sunday morning at our chapel. And then Sunday Afternoon was at the Visitors Center. 

I really enjoyed Elder Duncan's talk in the Saturday Morning session when he talked about forgiveness and his quote about Saul like people in our lives that have Paul like potential. I also really loved President Owens talk in priesthood session where he talked about leaders. I love what he talked about how the best leaders are the best followers and the best leaders follow Christ. Also how he said that as leaders it's not enough to come onto Christ ourselves, but we have to help others come to Christ. Overall conference was great! I always get so much out of each talk as a missionary! It's the best.. So so crazy I only have 2 more!!  

So the week was pretty good! It's still a big adjustment to the city and all! But it's going good. I LOVE the city! It's crazy but it's been great. I'm scared I'm gonna loose Cowen since he's been here since he got here for 6 months. And Jenks just got told he's going ZL next transfer really quick because of the President change. So the apartment will change up really quick but it's all good, this transfer was suppose to happen. I've never been happier or more content with myself or my mission than I am now. 

So about conference and all your questions at the end.. We try to invite people but not lots come. So overall it's just the missionaries all across the chapel.. It's funny haha. The Visitor Center has some members but mostly missionaries and some investigators. Elder Cowen and I get along so good! I love him tons! So we don't love our bikes cause we are in the deep metro and it's kinda sketchy to ride our bikes. So we mostly metro and walk. So all the walking, kinda biking and 0 member meals I should drop some weight which would be good!! The Ward is about the size to fill a chapel without any overflow to give you a size. 

Oh another awesome thing about this transfer.. So (Elder) Jake Kohler is serving the the Mount Pleasant Branch (Spanish) which shares the building with us. So I see him tons and we pass people back and forth! It's great to be close to people from home! He even slept over last night since he's in the city and we just sat and talked all about home!!

All is well here in the nations Capitol! I love you all and think if you lots!!


We had to get a comp picture for thank you notes we will give to members with our 
picture on it so we decided to have at least a cool picture for it. 

Conference Sunday at the Visitors Center and Temple

Elder Kohler slept over! So much fun to have someone from home out here with me 
and now serve with each other!

We just got back from a Capitol tour, which was so awesome! Honestly I
think it would be so cool to intern on the Hill at some point!

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