Monday, July 25, 2016

July 18, 2016

Hi all!

Sorry today is our Zone Activity, so this email might be a little shorter but I'll try to fit a lot of good stuff in! So I'll hit all of your questions. First off yeah the humidity has been pretty rough, some days have been brutal. But it's all good. So I've forgot to mention but Pres Morgan has emailed me a few times since getting their call. And he had been up a few times to have dinner with the Johnsons so they know each other pretty good now. And let me say, I LOVE the Johnsons. They are so amazing, so loving!! I swear I've gotten like 20 hugs from the guy already in the few times I've seen him. President Cooke was the mission president I needed for my first year and President Johnson is who I needed for my second year! Transfers are a week from Wednesday.  A ton of guys go home!! Coombs, Jorgensen, Tanner, Patchett. Lots of great guys! So it's been interesting being with a comp that's trying to deal with getting ready to go home. I'm not sure on the format of stuff like call outs. I would say you can bet your mortgage I'm staying here with Jorgensen leaving. Last week for p-day we went to Annapolis, since it is now a part of the mission!! It's was so so cool!! The Naval Academy was incredible and the city of Annapolis is so cool!!

This week was SO busy! Update on Chico and Kirk. So Chico has some pretty bad health problems so he's off and on with being able to meet with us. So we will probably have to bump his baptism. Kirk is still really rough around the edges. We are trying to work through lots of stuff and it's hard to know what to work on first. So it will be a
process with him. We weren't able to see him this week so hopefully really soon!

I then just wanted to share with you guys a really cool experience I had on Friday. So we were on our way back from some service and stopped by to see Caesar really quick. (Member who loves missionaries if you remember) and as we parked I saw this Hispanic guy sitting on these steps looking really stressed and sad. I had an impression to talk to him, but let me doubts take over. My Spanish isn't good at all, so how could I talk to him. We went and came back about 15 min later and the guy was still there. I had the impression again and just got in the car. Then Elder Jorgensen made a comment that he thought we needed to talk to that guy right as we pulled away. Three strikes and I was out. So we parked and went back armed with a Libro De Mormon and a Spanish pass a long card. As we got out I prayed that I would be able to have enough Spanish to talk to this guy. It wasn't just a normal contact, the lord had pointed him out. So we walked and the man wasn't there. I was wrecked. How could I deny these prompting from the Lord that as missionaries we seek so much. Needless to say I was pretty frustrated with myself. As we walked back to the car I prayed again asking for forgiveness to need 3 promptings to get me to listen, and if I crossed paths with him I would talk to him. As we walked I spotted the man now sitting in a parked car. For a split second I thought about how awkward talking to him now would be. But I wheeled around, made eye contact with him and walked over and talked with him. I spoke to this man with the best Spanish I've ever spoke on my mission. 100% the Lord working through me. I was able to give him a card with Spanish Elders numbers and the Libro De Mormon. It was amazing to see this man brighten. I am glad that I am able to be here
in DC working as an instrument in the Lords hands, even if I take a little more reminding and poking than I think he would like.

I love you guys!! Hope you have great weeks!!

Free slurpees of course on 7-11

Our Annapolis Trip

So remember on Meet the Mormons the huge milk shake the navy coach goes and gets?

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