Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25, 2016

Hi all!

Well like you mentioned in your email, this is the crazy week for transfers on Wednesday. We are loosing a group of 24 which includes 2/3 of our assistants and both of our traveling assistants. So it's going to be quite the changes coming for the mission. But we are going to do great and have some awesome missionaries come in to keep it all

Sounds like it was an eventful week. I'm so happy for the new baby to be here!! The cousins are just growing! Can't believe she will be so big by the time I get home! Sounds like Caleb had a great time at scout camp. I remember the night that me and Caden Calton spent the night together finishing our wilderness survival.  Thanks for keeping me in the loop about BYU football! That would be so awesome if that works out for us! What is the look out for the team this year?? Also about my bike. It is currently locked in the basement of our chapel collecting dust. But I do use it if I go on exchange with some bike elders here in the city. But let's just say Caleb might have a pretty nice mountain bike in good shape coming his way in a year 

This week was a pretty good one. Busy with all of the prep for transfers as well as getting everything in place for Elder Jorgensen to go home this week. On Wednesday we got to go to the temple for our departing trip. It was super nice as always. Getting welcomed into the Celestial Room by the Johnsons was amazing. I already feel so close to them and I know I'll probably get closer to them than I did to the Cookes.

Early on in the week JS took us to dinner since Elder Jorgensen is going home. I love that man so much!! He's someone I for sure can't wait to introduce you guys to. He said he is going to try to connect with Dad on Facebook since you don't have one mom! He also said he wants to go to lunch with Dad next time he's here in DC!

On Friday it was departing dinner for the missionaries going home so I got to go on exchange with Elder Torgerson. He's the AP who is just a transfer older than me. I love that kid so much. We are pretty close and it was awesome to be with a younger guy again. He's a stud!

Sunday was another hilight since we went down to White Plains to eat a last dinner with the Beals. It was so awesome getting to be with them again. They are like family to us and love us tons. They told us we have to come visit if we ever come back to DC and to me since I was the only one not going home on Wednesday, that I need to come visit again before I go home. Adam (Beals son we worked with about a year ago) was talking to me and told me that "You and Coombs helped me tons when you were my missionaries, but help me even more now you are just my friends." He said he just set a goal for himself to go through the temple in six months! Man I love them so much. They made missing the 24th pretty decent.

Well I will let you know who I get as a new comp. I will be staying here for for sure this one (duh) and possibly one more. I'm glad to stay for this one cause now I will have served a forth of my mission here in the city. There are days where the mission is hard. But hard things are good. At the end of the day I love it here. I am glad I have another year to work here.

I miss you all!! Love you all so much!!

After the temple. The Johnsons took this photo. They just seem so happy to be around us 
all the time!  I have Elder Florence on my shoulders if you can find me....

Dinner with JS

We found out BYU had released the new season shirt for football.  Shirts are $10 so we 
got a group together to order the shirts so we could get free shipping.  All the guys in the 
Zone that bought them wore them to the Zone Activity.

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