Monday, September 19, 2016

September 5, 2016

Hi everyone! 

Well this week was one with ups and downs. First off the baptisms of both Kyrie and Hailey didn't end up happening. So on Tuesday we went to do the baptismal paper work and Kyries biological Dad showed up and said he couldn't be baptized cause he's not ready to decide and he's a 7th Day Adventist and that Kyrie needs to experience more churches before he decides. Then right after Kyrie grabs me and apologizes he can't be baptized and that he "already made my decision, I wanna be baptized in your church!" Then Sunday came and we get a call from Hayley's Dad during Sacrament saying Hayley won't be baptized cause she's not old enough to decide and also needs to experience more churches. Mind you he's a member. I was soo mad. I tried reasoning with them and showing them that they might not think they are old enough but the Lord does. And then I hate the argument of they need to go experience other churches. Ugh. Super frustrating. So we had a full font and I had to get dressed in Whites to go pull the plug. So that was pretty depressing. 

Also this week, we had another MLC (Mission Leadership Council) where President announced more changes. Like no more zone activities, can't leave your ward boundary on P-Days (so no National Mall if you're out of the city), and no more transfer temple trip (we will go 4 times a year now). So those were all super frustrating. And little petty things like no more colored socks... So it's been tough. But I've realized there is not going back to how things were so I just have to try to be positive and make the most of it. I want to enjoy my mission not just endure it. So for our plans today we are just gonna see some guys from the ward and I have to get packing. 

Okay now that you think I'm in a deep depression here for the hi light of the week! Remember Scott Jenkins? RC from White Plaines 2nd? Anyways so he has super bad health problems, and was taken to the Georgetown Hospital in DC and that's covered by sisters, so as the Zone Leaders we cover it for blessings. So we got a call from the Elders down there asking for us to go give him a blessing on Friday. So of course we went! It was so good to see him! Then yesterday we took him the sacrament and visited with him. It was so nice to reconnect with him and see someone I've gotten to love so much! 

To top the week off, transfers are this week so the call came out.... I am leaving. It's a ton of mixed emotions. After 6 months I'm kinda ready for something new, but also super sad to see it go. This ward is a crazy one, but I love them. Serving in a inner city ward is a special experience. I have 3 options of where I could go, DC 2nd YSA (still in the city), Anacostia (Ghetto of the ghettos), or Annapolis. We will find out tonight and I'll make sure to send another email to let you know where I'm going.

I love you all! Miss you tons, I hope you all have awesome weeks!!


-The quick email we got later that day when he got his transfer information-
I got called down to Suitland as a ZL in Anacotia. So welcome to the Ghetto of ghettos!! Plus I get to be with Elder Zocca who's a way good friend! I'm really excited! Plus I can go on exchange to WP2!!

Love you all, talk to you soon!!

-Elder Austin R. Carroll 
Giving Scott his blessing!

 Since Scott had an infection when we went do the sacrament we had to wear these clothing cover things... 

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