Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 29, 2016

Hi all!

Well it was a pretty good week here in DC. Things are starting to cool down a little, but it would be nice if it does more!! We are still sweating it up pretty good here. 

This week was a really regular week for missionary work, we did pretty good on lessons taught and had some exchanges with elders in the zone. We do have a baptism that should happen this upcoming Sunday though!! So Sister Hardy is a less active lady and we stopped by cause she has tons of grand kids that she has legal custody of and have been baptized and we found out she has two that are over 8 that haven't been baptized yet. So for the past 5 weeks we have been teaching them and now Kyrie and Hayley should be baptized on Sunday! We are super excited and we will make sure to keep ya in the loop on that one!

Other than that it's been a week of letting adjustments sink in. It's been kinda a hard transfer just having so much change. Usually mission presidents don't make changes so fast I feel like, but since Baltimore missionaries came down it made the changes happen faster since it was a mold of two mission cultures. And it's been super hard. The two big overlying things the church has made policy changes are just with us being more effective with our time and not traveling as much. They have been quoted saying they don't want us to make friends because we should be focused on the work. And you know me, I'm a people person and I love getting close with people. So it's been hard. Just that I can't see these guys I've gotten super close with. But we are moving forward, it's hard but it's not gonna change back so I've just had to get over it and move along. It's really hard when you are feeling like you have to prove yourself as a missionary and leader to your companion, but things are getting better. We've had some good talks and it's improving I feel like.. 

Missions are hard, but so worth it. Biggest thing I've learned this transfer is hard things are good things. And I'm glad things haven't come easy for me on and off the mission so far. Learning to work for your reward is worth it. I hope you all have great weeks adjusting back to school!! I miss and love you all!!


We drove past a High School on Friday and it's the start of 
Friday Night Lights around here!! Man it was rough, we wanted to 
stop and watch the game so bad!!

Always reppin the 801!!


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