Monday, May 9, 2016

April 18, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Well it has been a busy but great week! Honestly I haven't been more exhausted in my mission, which is saying something because I am always tired out here! 

The week was full, on Tuesday we did a service project as a district for the Salvation Army where we did some painting. It was tons of fun being all together with the district! Plus we all grabbed lunch together at a super good pizza place here in DC. It's only a DC thing, think subway make your own pizza. On Wednesday I went on my first exchange as a district leader, it was pretty fun. It's always interesting to see how other missionaries do work. The Elder I went with is a great guy but is trying too hard to be the missionary and not being himself as a missionary. So there's some tension between him and his companion as there is like 0 fun and he won't talk about anything outside the gospel or missionary work. Thursday I gave a workshop in district meeting and it was on Comp Study/Comp unity and I played this game as a part of it where it was a how well do you know your companion and I hope that companionship realized almost all the questions were non gospel related. 

So speaking about exchanges.. So my responsibilities as a District Leader aren't tons. The difference between DL and another missionaries isn't as big as the difference between DL and ZL. So yes I do the baptismal interviews for anyone who is taught by my district (still have yet to do one). Then I am responsible for or weekly meeting. At the beginning of each transfer there is a big leadership meeting day where President and the leadership of the mission determine what needs to be trained on. Then each week is given a specific topic for a workshop and training to be given. Also like I mentioned I go on splits with all the elders in my district at some point during the transfer. The last thing I can think of that I do is call ins on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday nights. Tuesday and Friday I collect information on things like baptismal dates and Less Actives they are working with. Then on Sunday's I collect their numbers for the week then call the Zone Leaders to discuss my district and talk about the numbers. Plus doing numbers with the iPad is so easy, we just have a big spreadsheet template intake the numbers then email that to the ZLs..

Oh also on Thursday we had a surprise birthday party for Shawn (guy who just got baptized)!

Friday we had a Visitor Center lesson with a guy in our Ward and a referral of his. It was awesome, the temple grounds are all decorated for spring with tons of flowers (pictures coming). We then taught 3 more lessons that day and got home to try and get to bed early because we had to get up at 4 the next morning.. Why? Because on Saturday we got to Volunteer at the Cherry Blossom Parade!! It was so much fun! We were balloon carriers, so like those huge balloons in the Maceys Thanksgiving Day Parade? Yeah we carried those. Ours was a huge cherry blossom. It was so much fun just having most of the day off to enjoy the parade with the whole mission! So cool to be a part of it. 

The weather has been amazing this week.. But we all got fried at the parade. Like the whole mission is sunburnt haha. But I made it out pretty good. Then we had another Visitor Center lesson with one of our investigators named Josie. She wanted to watch the whole JS Restoration video, which was amazing! How great of a man Joseph Smith was, I know he is the prophet of the restoration. My testimony of him grows daily as I testify of him and the Book of Mormon. We then made it back late and had to metro to another missionaries apartment to sleep over because we had an early Stake Coordination meeting at 7. So we were up about 5:30 on Sunday so back to back Saturday and Sunday were killer. 

Sunday turned out pretty good though. Shawn got confirmed and I was able to be in the circle. It's so amazing to see people change and come closer to the Savior! And then Lucie came to church again, so that's tons of fun to see her. Plus she is going to bring Ismael next time!

Last night was Why I Believe which was amazing as always.. But guess who was there!? So I saw Brother Heath (WP2 Ward Mission Leader) and made my way over to say hi, then he pointed and a few feet away was.... Brian and Josephine CHAMBERLAIN!!! WHAT?!? After months and months I guess Brian has agreed to take the lessons and he is slowly progressing. Emphasis on the slowly. Like really slow. Like we can barely say progressing... But he agreed to come to the fireside! Josephine grabbed me into the biggest hug and was so happy to see me and Coombs again! I was so happy after seeing them and sat with them for the fireside. They are honestly amazing. I know there are still people for me to meet and teach here, but the Chamberlains will always be near and dear to me. I will always keep up with them and visit them. Honestly I was just so happy yesterday to see Brian and Josephine at the VC!! I just hope Brian will keep letting the missionaries teach him. 

It was a busy busy week here in DC! 3 straight days up at the VC and tons of other things. But it was amazing, I can't believe how fast this transfer is flying! The mission goes so fast when you are with a comp and surrounded with roommates that it just feels like you are living with friends. It's the best. 

Hope you all have great weeks! Love and miss you all tons!!




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