Friday, May 13, 2016

May 9, 2016

Hi everyone!

My new assignment is I've been called as a Zone Leader and will stay in the DC 3rd Ward.  I just bumped up to the North Area. I will be serving with Elder Jorgerson who is going home in 2 transfers. I'm excited but also really nervous. But all is going to be great.

Like you all said, it was so awesome to talk to all of you!! I love now normal it feels to talk to you! We don't miss a beat.. It was awesome to hear from everyone and all the littles individually. You all sound like things are going good and life is plugging along.

It was a good week for you guys. Really I was kinda selfish with Mother's Day. All I was thinking about was talking to you guys and finding my wallet. I didn't think about Grandma until sacrament meeting when a lady was talking about how Mother's Day can be tough for some people. So I thought lots about Grandma during church but I'm
so glad that we have the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. As a missionary I love being able to teach people about where all of their loved ones are. As hard as it is being away from Grandma and all of our other loved ones we will be with them again, it's one of our most beautiful gospel doctrines.

I'm glad it was a great week for all of you!! It was amazing to talk to you guys yesterday. Like I said yesterday if time goes as fast as it has been I will talk to you guys really soon! 

I love you all!!  (Jacob 4:7-8, I read it this past week and it's a good one!)
Have great week!


Austin told us about his wallet experience in his mothers day call.  He had lost his wallet on Saturday.  He woke up Sunday to an email from a young male that had found his wallet and searched on social media to locate Austin. This is quite remarkable because it is well known in his mission that if you loose your wallet in downtown DC the odds of getting it back are near impossible. This young man wasn't going to be home Sunday to meet up with Austin so he left it out on his porch under a flower pot. Austin was relieved to get it back with all the money and credit cards included.  Austin left him a note and a Book of Mormon in return.  

Mine and Cowans comp ties and hat.

Me & Elder Jorgerson (Jorgy) at the Visitors Center

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