Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 16, 2016

Hi Fam!!

It's good to hear from you all!! It's crazy that it's only been a week since we talked. It's been a pretty good week though. Ups and downs but over all really good. Thanks for sharing that scripture, I think it really helps. Sometimes it's tough in the calling because of how much miscellaneous things we do. We have so much less time, but I also
like that fact because it makes the time that we do have a lot more concentrated. Sometimes it might just be a few minutes here and there but we make the most of it.

So this week was a pretty good one, Tuesday we got to go do a big service project for the Salvation Army. It was at their drug and alcohol rehab facility and we planted a huge garden for them and laid mulch. As sad as it is for me to say. It was slightly fun to do yard work. Slightly! But it was super cool to look around and see the entire zone giving this service. We are now the go to people for SA doing service.

Because of the service we bumped meetings to Wednesday that week and they went super good! It's nerve racking to be in change of the meetings but they went well. Then Thursday we thought we would finally get to do missionary work but we got called to go move in a new senior couples apartment. Friday was a huge planning day for Zone Conference.

Saturday was for sure the highlight of the week! So here in DC more than almost any mission I think we have to truly be ambassadors for the church. It was a huge open embassy day where people can tour embassy's and we got permission to go with a member because it would be a good opportunity to get the badge out there and the churches name. It was European Union, so we saw Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Great Britain, and Italy. They were so sweet! And as you will see from my pictures they had some SWEET cars on display at the Great Britain and Italy ones!! It was so cool!!

Sunday we got to go check on people and I've never been so happy to just go check on random people. I would not recommend white washing ZLs.. Not a great combo. Oh and then last night was Why I Believe and that's where I ran into Alysha (cousin). So no one even told me that she had an internship out here!! But I guess she started meeting YSA missionaries and asking if they knew me. So most the YSA come to Why I Believe, so she came with some people and we ran into each other.

Have a great week!! I love and miss you!!
We have a sweet grilling patio at our new apartment

Embassy Cars!!

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