Monday, June 27, 2016

June 13, 2016

Hi all!!

Well it sounds like it has been a crazy busy but awesome week at home. A little like that here.  It was a pretty good week! We had exchanges with the Elders in our zone this week and last week so it flew by. This week was the best week of the transfer work wise for us.  We have put lots of hard work into this whitewash to get this area going again and we are seeing the work really pick up. 

Transfer call came out and I will be staying with Elder Jorgensen here in DC3 North for his last transfer. We are pumped and will be a great time. But there are lots of changes going down in the mission.  We transferred out half the zone and in the DC 3rd Ward that has 12 missionaries we lost 8. So we are pretty sad to loose guys like Elder Cowan. So we will find out tonight where everyone gets placed and we heard they are re-aligning zone boundaries so we will have changes coming this week for us. 

As far as the mission president change, the official change off day is July 1st. So as you can imagine we are crazy busy to get that all prepped. Along with the potential to be adding another stake to the mission, (which still is up in the air I guess?) the Zone Leaders and APs will all have their hands full for these next few months. But the mission I think is getting more excited for the changes even though we will miss President and Sister Cooke so much! 

Like you Dad I was mindful of Grandma this past week.  Wednesday's was the missions temple day and it was easy to think of her with it being the year mark of her passing. We all miss her so much, but I'm so glad to know she is still part of our lives. It was a great blessing to be in the temple since that is the place that allows our eternal family to happen.   

I'm glad it was such a great week at home with having Garret back! I'm sure it is a little surreal at times but I'm way happy for you guys! Yeah having Garret home has made me miss home more these past little bit.  Kinda hard knowing the rest of the family is now together but I'm glad to be here and next summer will great!!  Sounds like the homecoming went great! Did you guys by change record Garret's talk to send? If not its all good.

Let me know how Youth Conference goes! Sounds like it should be tons of fun!! Also if you guys have any pictures from the week you should send those.  I can't watch the videos until I get to a computer so I haven't seen anything from Garret getting back yet. 

Love and miss you guys!!
The crew got all back together for the temple trip!
McDonald, Me, Jenks, & Mellen

It was like 3 guys birthdays this month so we all saved up and 
went to Texas Roadhouse.  It was amazing!! Ahh just like home.
The aftermath....

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