Monday, June 27, 2016

May 30, 2016

Hi all!

Well I'm gonna keep it short as I'm sure you will have a busy day. I hope you all had a safe travel and good trip down there. How's the Spanish for you Dad? Mom how confused are you? We went to a Spanish baptism yesterday and it was all over my head haha.

Well I'm glad to be remembered and missed as you did all the mulch and truck runs! It sounds like it was a great week with Alyssa's graduation, the rugby games and everything else.

It has been another pretty good week.  We have been crazy busy, like always. So Wednesday we had our last Zone Conference with Pres Cooke and it was a very mixed feeling moment. But it was an amazing day, the Cookes both had amazing talks. Then I felt like the training Elder Rowley (one of the Rockville ZLs) and I gave went really well. It was a lot of fun. They then ended it and had all the missionaries leaving in June and July bare their testimonies.  And that was like the roughest time. Cause the July group has a ton of friends like Elders Tanner, Porter, Jorgensen and then Coombs. And man I lost it. I was crying when Coombs was talking.  It just hit how soon they will all be gone. But hey life goes on. 

I'll speed through the rest of the week to keep it short, we had some great lessons and really were able to work in our area. Then Sunday was another hilight of the week. After church we were able to go to a Spanish baptism in our zone. We are trying to go to all of our Zones baptisms to support the missionaries. And it was so sweet to see all the Spanish sisters just crying during the service. It means so much to all theses missionaries as they put all they can into this work. They are all amazing and I love them. If only sometimes they could see what they are doing from a different perspective.  I think lots of missionaries, myself included, get caught up trying to be prefect and we are too hard on ourselves. But from my perspective I see all the missionaries just trying so hard, and it's rough to see them get so discouraged sometimes with how tough this mission can be sometimes. But they are all great.  Love them and they will keep doing amazing things.

After the baptism was the non spiritual hi light cause we got to go to a BYU FOOTBALL FIRESIDE!!! It was so awesome!! We just found out last week then got to go.  And you'll see all the pictures.. It was Taysom, Coach Sitaki, Coach Niumatalolo (Navy Coach), Vaa Niumatalolo (Son of Coach, BYU line backer) and Coach Detmer. Let's just say me and Jorgy were on Cloud 9!! Like I miss football so much and all those guys were so cool to the missionaries after the fireside!

Well I hope it is an amazing week with Garret!! Send all the pictures you take. It is amazing it is already time for him to be done. I love you all, and miss you! Take care and have a great week!

Love you!!

                         Vaa                                                           Coach Detmer

Bronson Kafusi was there too since                              
     he's playing for the Ravens                                      
                                                                                            Coach Niumatalolo

                  Coach Sitake                                                    Taysom

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