Monday, June 27, 2016

June 20, 2016

Hey all!!

Pretty good week here in DC. Sounds like Youth Conference was super great!! I loved all the pictures! I'm glad that Garret is getting back in the swing of everything at home. Does he have a little accent? Haha Just like you mentioned We are getting closer and closer to the change of mission presidents. We entered into the transfer where it will all go down.  Just about a week and a half left.  I got to meet President Johnson this week and he is AMAZING. 

This week was just busy with all of the transfer and helping the missionaries adjust with it all. But Tuesday was sweet! Started out with the last Zone/District meeting of the transfer where we had our testimony meeting, as always it was pretty great. Then there was a late arrival missionary and the traveling assistants were assigned to get them. Elder Herring was going home the next day so Elder Coombs needed someone to go with him. So he called me up and I got to go to the airport for the day with Coombsy. It was a road trip out of the mission and it was tons of fun. It is pretty sad that he is leaving on only like 5 weeks.. He's like an older brother to me out here but I'm glad you guys can meet him soon. 

Wednesday was transfer day and so we were just cruising around in the man van all day dropping off stuff to the city elders. And then Thursday was a follow up day where we just had to run errands for the Zone to get everyone set for the new transfer. 

Friday was Leadership meeting and that was where we got to meet Pres Johnson. So far we have heard just amazing stuff about him. So we skyped into the meeting and he is just such a great guy. He is so so spiritual. When he first came up Pres Cooke gave his opening statements and then Pres Johnson just said "I don't know you all, but I do love you" and it was just like bam, spirit. His farewell was yesterday and then he will go into the MTC on Wednesday and then come to us. The rest of leadership meeting went really well, I'm pumped for the training plans we made for the transfer. 

Saturday was Stake Coordination so I sat and plugged numbers into a spreadsheet for about 6 hours. So that was fun, NOT!

Sunday was super awesome, church went super great. And then Why I Believe was last night. It was the Cookes that talked since it was their last one of the mission. It was so spiritual and just awesome. I will miss them so much, they have been amazing. But I know Pres/Sis Johnson will be awesome too. I love you all and miss you!! Have a good week!!

End of transfer District picture.  The one and only frat 
district (only district of elders)

End of transfer Zone picture

So Jorgy went to his departing Arlington trip.  For pday look who I slept 
over with and am getting to hang out with for the first time in like 3 months. 

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