Wednesday, November 23, 2016

November 14, 2016

Hi all!!

Sounds like it's been a good week back home! I guess the sick bug hit all the Carrolls back home and here, I had a pretty bad cold to end the week and I'm still bouncing back from it. But other then that it's been good here. 

Like you would guess the elections made for a kinda crazy week. Wish I was down in DC for it! But kinda cool cause I got to experience DC on Election Day! I was on exchange with one of our DLs who's in the ASL program and we walked the mall and contacted. Plus we walked past the Trump hotel and snapped a quick selfie cause we thought it would be a pretty funny picture to have if Trump did win.. and look at that haha. But also when I was on exchange I got to teach an ASL investigator through a member interpreter, that was such a cool experience! Like you mentioned it's super cool to have so much diversity around here in DC, it is amazing to see all these people from different backgrounds yet still the gospel still applies to all of them. 

Like I mentioned I got under the weather this week, I've had a few little bugs since I've been out but this was probably the worst I've got. It was a bad cold I'm still bouncing back from. Lots of NyQuil and cough drops were put down this week. But it was actually kinda cool thing cause I woke up on Thursday feeling under the weather but went on with the day. We ended up teaching a referral that day. And on the first lesson accepted a baptismal date only 5 weeks out! So awesome! And almost as soon as the lesson ended I really fell under the weather. Kinda cool to see the Lords hand in making sure that lesson happened. We got slowed down a little on Friday from me being sick but we still rounded out a really good week. 

To give an update on Tim, he's pushing his baptism back. But for kinda cool reasons! So he's dating a member girl who's family lives in West Valley and they are coming back to Utah for the holidays. And he wants to get baptized back there! So you'll get to go to a baptism of one of my investigators!!! Plus he's gonna have Elder Warnes baptize him out there since we actually take Elder Warnes to the mission home tonight for him to fly back home tomorrow. I'll keep you up to date as I get more details!

Anyways I hope you all have great weeks. 
Love you guys!


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