Wednesday, November 23, 2016

November 21, 2016

Hi all,

As far as our week and area..  So yeah Tim met his girlfriend in DC from a coworker and she's actually the YSA Relief Society president in the YSA Ward we cover. So we know them both! She did introduce him to the gospel but he's definitely not doing this all for her. He's so awesome. His baptism will be Dec 31st in West Valley. I'll get you more details as we figure it all out. 

This area is awesome!! Maybe the busiest I've been in so far. We have 3 baptismal dates right now: Tim, Nelson (guy I taught when I was sick) and Chris (I'll tell his story in a minute). Plus a few other that are really close. So we stay really busy between the two wards, it's great!

So just two things from the week I'll talk about. First off I met Jason Chafetz at dinner.  We were in Capitol Hill at a YSA dinner and all of a sudden he turns around and see us and says hi to us and thanks us for serving and all this. Pretty cool!  My companion had no clue who he was though haha. He left and Elder Tutuu was just like, "well that was a nice member" haha

Other thing in the story of meeting Chris our new baptismal date. So it's a big string of miracles that is gonna be kinda hard to convey in an email so just know it's a huge miracle. So it starts with him being a BOM online order that never got followed up with, so we called him and set a date. Then we left an appointment both feeling like we needed to get moving. We then spend like 15 minutes trying to get into his retirement home (usually for a referral we knock like twice and bounce), then a lady let's us in and takes us to his room (we are still convinced she's an angel cause she disappeared after we knocked..), then he let us in, we taught a lesson and he accepted a baptismal date on the first lesson. So all in all that was such a cool experience! This area is going so good, it's really been amazing! 

Sounds like it's gonna be quite a party at our house for Thanksgiving. Sure wish I could be there! It's so crazy that next one we will all be together though. Holidays on the mission are great, they are different and you are able to appreciate new things. But I think I would still take the holidays back home. But I'm so glad I'm here!! Wouldn't wanna be anywhere else right now. We are gonna be taken care of, don't worry. We are going to the stake presidents house, he lives in our ward, and then we will go to Sister Mayes family thanksgiving. If you don't remember she's the one with the peppers. She's in our ward here too and she's a ward missionary so we see her tons! So we will be taken care of out here so don't worry too much. 

I'll be thinking of you guys lots this week! Sure love and miss you!! Have a great Thanksgiving!! 

Love you!
Lunch with the French Elders after an exchange

Guess who was at Why I Believe last night??
Man I love that kid.
(The answer is Ismael if you don't remember)

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