Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 24, 2016

Hey Fam!

Sounds like things are going good back home! Bummed about BYU but that is an awesome CC win!! Glad we could get the win over Alta!! 

Well things are doing good out here now! I think I was just shocked to be transferred but now that I am here I have really enjoyed it! I am now serving in the College Park area. So it is the area that surrounds the University of Maryland. It has been quite the adjustment from the ghetto to a college town haha. But I really like this area so far, we are on the DC-Maryland boarder so we have a little area that feels like DC which I love! Then we have the UofM area, some upscale stuff as well as some semi ghetto, lower income areas. So it's a great mix!! Plus there's a lot of work! 

We are double covering wards right now. So we are in the College Park Ward as well as we cover the Glendale YSA Ward. So it was a long day at church yesterday.. 7:30-4:30.  But it's fun! And that is how I serve with the Morgan's, they are assigned to coordinate YSA across the mission so they work here as well as with the other YSAs. But they live within our Zone. 

I am in a trio right now with Elder Warnes and Elder Tutu'u. Elder Warnes goes home mid transfer in 3 weeks because he would have missed 3 Thanksgivings. It has been really fun so far being with both of them, Elder Warnes has been here for 3 months so we are trying to pick the area up from him quick before he goes. Elder Tutu'u only has 2 transfers left after this one so I could be in this area for a little bit which so far I'm cool with. 

Not much to note from this week as it was mostly taking care of transfers for the Zone but we also got to teach some good RC and Investigator lessons. So it will be nice to get a full week of working this upcoming one! So I guess the only thing to note was MLC. I love MLCs so much just getting to see how much the leadership cares for this mission and our missionaries. We did get another rule from the Area Presidency that no one likes.. we can't work out in our Apartment gyms anymore, so I'm gonna be fat when I get home. But they followed up with telling us we did get approved to have a full mission Christmas party so we are so excited for that!! Also Trey, former Elder Tanner, was out visiting with his family so he dropped into the end of MLC to say hi to everyone. Then we came with us to our traditional post-MLC Chipotle. So awesome to catch up with him!

Well I don't have much more to say about this week, but things are going good! I hope everyone has good weeks back home! I love and miss you all!!

Goodbye to Suitland Districts at their District Meetings last week before transfers 


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