Monday, March 20, 2017

March 13, 2017

Hi all! 

Well the week here was another good one! We have a lot of people we are working with, none of them are really progressing as fast as we would have hoped. But it's all good because we are definitely seeing miracles happen in their lives and they are progressing at their rate as fast and they should be. So one of the main people we are working with is a girl named Tiara. She's 23, lives with her boyfriend Jeff and they have a little girl named Brie. So she had been contacted by some previous missionaries but they never got back in touch with her, so when we got to the area we reached out and have met with her about twice a week since we got here. And they are doing awesome! We mentioned to her the need to get married last week and she totally understood and we are going to help out with that. Then we talked to her about Jeff (the boyfriend) starting to take the lessons with her and she said she talked to him this week and he told her that yes he would take the lessons and he wanted to get baptized with her!! All because she retaught the Plan of Salvation to him and he was told they could be a family after this life. Then to add on top of that we were over there last night and were teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ lesson to her and had asked some question about baptism and her reasons was something along the lines of "well yeah I need to get baptized again because my last one wasn't official cause only this church has the priesthood in it". We were blown away and super pumped because she totally understands! Now we just need to get them off of work on Sunday's to church. 

Another solid couple we are working with is George and Susan. Problem is Susan lives a few weeks in Philly then comes back here for a week and goes back and forth for work. So we meet with George mostly, but we got to meet with them both this last week. And as we were reteaching the restoration they asked some awesome questions and they are solid! Then George expressed some concern because he's been investigating another church and before we could say anything, Susan chimes in and says "well just so you know when I get back living here full time in a couple weeks this is the church I'm going to go to. This is Gods church." So awesome. But then.. they didn't come to church either! Ugh.. struggle of the area at the moment is getting people out to 9:00 church. 

Other than that the area was really good too. The director of Visitor Centers around the world was in the mission this week so they called a full MLC including the District Leaders. It was fun to attend MLC again and get to take part in the meeting. Plus of course was getting to see all the friends! Great to see Elder McDonald, Florence, Cowan, Jenks and everyone else! Such a solid group at those meetings!

Well hope it's a great week back home for you guys this week. Time is just continuing to go so fast. Love and miss you guys tons!


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