Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20, 2017

Hi all!

Sounds like it's been another great week at home for everyone! That is so crazy it's been so warm back home! Like you said we got hit with some snow this week and supposedly it killed a lot of the cherry blossoms. But the mission got asked to help with the parade again so we are super excited for it still!

So awesome to hear the plans are coming together! So I think most everything has been pulled together on my side of things, I'll hear from the mission office in the coming few weeks where they ask me what airport I'll want to fly into so I can tell them I'm having a Parent Pick Up and then they will contact you to get the plane ticket transferred to you guys. President already knows you are coming and he is super excited to meet all of you! So as far as I know we will meet up Wednesday, July 12 at the mission office or home and then we will do all our DC stuff for the next few days.  Sunday we are going to church, I'm all for the DC 3 ward since we are staying in the city and it would be quite the experience for you guys!  Then go early to Why I Believe where we would have me get released then we would take off after the devotional. Rumor on the street the July Why I Believe speaker is
going to be the 76ers CEO who just got baptized! So it's gonna be a good one!!

Sounds like life is going good for all the siblings. Still so crazy that Lindsey is driving! And I'm sure Hailey did a great job at her dance recital! I had to laugh at Caleb saying he sneaks watching March Madness in class, sounds about right haha. We do our best to stay up, some members will text us scores of games. One of those is President
Arnold, the Stake President! 

That is so crazy you met Elder Haggard! I served around him in DC a little bit and got to know him. He's a really good guy, we found out about the Payne connection a little back so that's fun you guys all got to meet! And that's awesome you got to see Karen again since I'm sure it's probably been since I left that you saw the Payne's.

Well this week was kinda packed with miscellaneous things. Tuesday it snowed and they told us we couldn't drive our cars so that slowed us down a little. Then Thursday we had an all day multi zone zone Conference. Which was of course a great time especially since McDonald, Florence, Cowan, Zocca, Jenks and the whole gang was there.
Then on Friday we had interviews with President and Sister Johnson. They are so awesome!! I love them tons and can't wait for you to get to meet them. They are both so excited to have you guys here and get to meet you, they both mentioned it as we talked. The longer I'm here the more interviews just feel like a nice 15 min me time with my
mission parents. They really are kinds like a second set of parents to me. 

Other than that life is still going good in MoVille. Tiara came to church and it was awesome! She really enjoyed it and said "everyday Sunday I don't have work I'm going to be here". And the ward was really good at reaching out and making her feel welcome. Plus Bishop is helping tons and is going with us this week to meet with her and he
boyfriend to talk about getting them married. So that's all going good. Plus we had Why I Believe last night which is always a good time!!

Well, love you guys tons! Miss you too. Hope you all have good ones!

Car naps....happen to the best of us

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