Monday, March 20, 2017

March 6, 2017

Hi all!

My back has gotten progressively better, the mission made me go get it checked out this past week, and it's just some muscular strains. So nothing seriously, and by the start of this week I think I'm near 100% again. Sounds like it has been a good week, first off HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lindsey!! So crazy you are turning 16 and driving! I left and you were in middle school, now I'm coming home and you're going into your junior year. 

I'll send a picture of what our area boundary is. So in our mission you almost always are assigned to just one ward. So we serve the Montgomery Village Ward, so yes our area is called Montgomery Village. Or everyone here just calls it Mo-Vill.... this place is amazing!!

First off the Stake President is in our ward and he is super missionary minded. His goal before he is released is that through missionary work and reactivation, that we add 2 wards to our stake. So he is super awesome and wants to work with us.  He called us on our first day to welcome us to the ward! Like who does that?! I've never had that happen before. As well Bishop was talking to us and talked about how they had just cleaned out the membership records and because of that felt like they were doing the work to show they Lord he can trust more members to this ward. And guess what? He has!! Since getting to this area it has been miracle after miracle. Elder Strubell and I just get in the car sometimes and look at each other like "what just happened??". Last week I talked about all the referrals that feel into our lap, and it kept happening this week. We showed up day one with a few okay Investigators. In a week and a half we now have 1 baptismal date, 2 progressing Investigators, and 3 others we are working with. Plus the 4 people who have gotten baptized in the last couple months. Keep in mind that this is the smallest ward boundaries in the Stake. Plus we had 2 more super solid Headquarters referrals this week. The work is just falling into our lap at the moment, I'll share one experience from this week to show that.

So yesterday we were sitting in sacrament meeting and we get a text from Pres Arnold (Stake President) asking if some people who had just walked in were our Investigators. We told him we have never seen them before and he texts back to tell us we need to go talk to them after because him and bishop both don't recognize them. So after the meeting we wait like 15 minutes to talk to them because SO many ward members are going up and asking who they are and introducing themselves. (Go Mo-Vill ward!) Then we talk to the Mom and come to find out they are looking for a church and a member in the ward had mentioned ours so they came to come check it out. Now we have an appointment with a family of 4 tonight. It has been amazing here. We have dinners this week with both Pres Arnold and Bishop so I'm sure we will plan out even more how to keep getting the work going here. It is amazing to see what happens when the ward is engaged and cares about missionary work. Also don't forget that even though you live in Utah there is still missionary opportunities to be found. We all can play our part in the work.

Well that's a wrap, I'm glad the plans are getting more in place for this summer.  I love you all so much, and miss you guys! 


Remember Dipo? This is him and he's doing great so far? Two lessons in and he already
says he takes his BOM with him everywhere so he can read it as much as he can!

This is Matilda's (recent convert) super cute nephew.  He's glued to the 
missionaries when we come to read the BOM with her.  

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