Thursday, June 8, 2017

June 5, 2017

Hi all!!

I know it is so crazy that it is June now! Sure sounds like all the end of the school year events are all going on. Sounds busy! The kids out here still have like 2 more weeks, so tell them to count their blessings haha. Also sounds like it's been quite the adventure putting down that new sod in the back, I have to say I'm not too broken up
that I missed it:)

So this week felt really short with how busy the end of it was. On Tuesday morning I ended up calling the mission doctor because I was pretty certain I had an ear infection on top of what was either a cold or sinus infection. So the mission doctor set me an appointment to to see someone and we ended up leaving District Meeting early to go to it
and come to find out... both were true. He said the ear infection was pretty bad, so as of now it's the only thing that not quite 100% yet. But I've been on an antibiotic that I still have a few days left to finish. Also kinda funny story at the doctors that only you guys will really get. So know how Carroll's have like super low blood pressure?? Anyways so the nurse is doing all my vitals and steps back and asks me all concerned if I have high blood pressure and I kinda laugh and then realize she's serious and I'm like uhh.. no? Then the doctor takes it and it was as he would say "elevated". So I asked if there is anything that could raise it and he lists off "medicine like NyQuil, caffeine
but I know you Mormons don't drink that, and increased stress in your life situation". And I was like, well shoot that's 3 strikes. I've been pounding NyQuil, I was drinking a Pepsi no joke 5 minutes before I walked in here, and I'm coming home from a mission! I then had to briefly correct the whole we don't drink caffeine thing. But yeah
so then we go to CVS the next day to get my prescription and I throw my arm in the blood pressure cuff there and sure enough.. I was back to normal Carroll low blood pressure. 107/64 with a pulse rate of 53 bpm. So don't worry I didn't develop hypertension at the age of 20 like the doctor thought.

The rest of the week was good, and Friday was awesome with Mackedas baptism!! It all went smooth and we had a pretty good showing from the ward! Elder Vance baptized her and then I confirmed her yesterday. She's so awesome. She's really shy but she's getting more comfortable around us. One time in a lesson I gave her a thumbs up and now that's just her thing with us, she just will smile and give us a thumbs up a lot and then basically whisper back to us when she talks. And then Saturday was also way cool, Elder Vance got called to go back to an
old area to baptize someone. And it was like an hour and 40 min drive there! But it was super cool because if was a Mom and her two sons, so it was a weekend of baptisms!

Well that's a wrap.  This weeks will be pretty busy with my last Zone Conference and interviews with President and Sister Johnson! So crazy how fast time is flying, love and miss you guys!!


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