Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26, 2017

Hi all!

Well it is so crazy that this is the last email until you guys are in Florida and then up here in DC! Sounds like it's been a crazy but fun week for you guys as you get ready to take off. That was really fun to see those pictures of Caleb sailing! Also so crazy that Alyssa is now in the MTC. I'm on her mailing list so you don't have to forward her emails. I'm sure it was nice to have a last night as a family with her but lots of emotions since you guys now are veterans at sending off missionaries;)

Really it's just at the point that it is so surreal. I can't explain the mix of emotions that it is. This Wednesday is transfers for a ton of the guys to go. Jenks, Florence, Torgerson, all of them take off this week. The Johnson's were really nice and invited me to do all the going home stuff with that group since I'm going on the mid transfer. So this week I'll get to go to departing temple and dinner on Wednesday. Only catch is they all go to bed that night to fly home and I have to go back to my area. 

This week has been a good one, just full of regular missionary work which I think at this point is the best thing to have happening. Mike is doing awesome! Him and Aminata are set to get married on the 8th and then the baptism will be July 15th in the early afternoon! It's so cool how that all came together. I feel so blessed for how my mission will end. It really is going out on a high note. Other than that I don't have much to say about the week, we did some service and washed out a shed for like 3 hours. The things that are entertaining as a missionary but I would have refused to do if I was at home haha

Well I'm all emailed out, I'll give you guys all the good stories in 2 weeks when I see you!! It's so weird that it is that close until I see you all. Like I said a mix of emotions, but know that one of those emotions is being so excited to see you all!! Love and miss you guys. 


District Activity today
We played sand volleyball & disc golf!

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