Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

Hi everyone! 

Wow! What a week! So to answer the question you've all been asking, I am now serving the Laurel Ward, up in Laurel MD. It's on the north side of the mission. 

Well I'll run down my week..

So Monday and Tuesday was rushing around letting me say goodbyes to everyone down in WP2. Wow I love those people so much! I miss them and I am so glad I'm serving in a mission I know I can return to and see people, even though there weren't many investigators, I was able to teach so many members and I grew to love those people. In fact it's been hard not to compare Laurel to WP2. I'll send the pictures of all my goodbyes! My last dinner was with the Chamberlains and Sister Chamberlain just cried as I said goodbye. She said she will always think of me and Coombs as her missionaries, I just love that family!!

So Wednesday rolls around for transfers. I'm already kinda nervous because I know I'm gonna start all over again in an area. I thought that was enough for me to handle, and as usual the Lord has other plans. Surprise!!! I'm now a senior companion and white washing half an area! I didn't know if I should laugh or cry when I heard that announced haha. Ok so here's what happened, I was called up to serve in the Laurel Ward. My companion is Elder Williams, who came out with me. Yup we have two 3 month missionaries running an area. I guess President really does trust me. And yup Herring was right I do have a chance to learn and grow a ton. So about the white washing, so Elder Williams has been here since we got here (2 transfers) and the Ward use to have 4 missionaries, but they cut it to 2 this transfer so we are white washing the other area (what use to be Laurel East). So it's not like a technical white wash since Elder Williams knows the Ward leadership and most of the Ward. But still it pretty stressful. On top of that I got kinda sick on Thursday-Saturday as well, but I'm doing good and it just kinda slowed me down for those few days. 

So in all honesty I was pretty stressed this week. I had all the things running around my head like what in the world I don't even know how to do everything as a missionary, why in the world is this happening. Also I got kinda mad cause I'm already having to spend the holidays away from my family and now I'm not having it with the people I learned to love in WP2. So I was praying tons, and Friday I kinda got a kick in the butt from the spirit, I got out of the car (yes I can drive now) and just had this thought come into my head "get over yourself". Pretty much the Lord knows what to do and he's going to qualify those he calls. Then I got more comfort at the Why I Believe Sunday night. The guy speaking was just talking about how he knows our Heavenly Father knows all of us and loves all of us. He's so aware of each little trial we go through and I just felt the spirit so strong, I know that this situation I'm in (that in reality isn't close to as hard as life will eventfully get) my Heavenly Father knows and loves me. He's putting me in tough situation after tough situation so I can grow into what he wants me to be. I really feel like the Lord is stretching me every transfer with something new, but I'm becoming the missionary he wants me to be. My idea of my learning curve and the Lords idea may be a little different but I trust his call on that more than mine. I know he's making everything hard so I can be who he wants me to be. He wants me to keep relying on him and being humble enough to ask for his help. This truly is his work not mine. 

As far as Elder Williams and I go... We are super different. Like a lot. Plus we are in a two man so no roommates. And I'm in a new Zone with no one I know so that added to my stress this last week. I know Elder Tanner and Elder Parker (the new traveling trainers) and that's about it. It's tough being in a two man, I love having another companionship to hang out with in the mornings, evenings at meals. But just more stuff I guess the Lord needs me to learn. Elder Williams is from Mesa and is really into singing. I don't have any pictures with him, but if you go onto Sister Cookes blog, look at the group that came in with me and he is the bigger of the two Elder Williams. 

Things are good though, thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! I love you all!!



The Vance Family

Scott Jenkins (Recent convert of just over a year)

Richard Barbone, my stubborn Catholic friend I couldn't get baptized.Then again 20 years of missionaries haven't haha. So when I asked for a pictures he said "Sure, but let me grab my crucifix and rosary beads first" hahaha that guy cracks me up.

Goodbyes with the Chamberlains
This is the Chamberlains daughter Willow. 
She is like the most adorable little girl ever!

Last stop by at the Bonneys. Playing a game of Ping Pong with my boy Peter

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