Monday, November 16, 2015

November 2, 2015

Hi everyone!!

Really though! How is it November already! This upcoming week I'll hit 3 months and this Saturday is transfer call out again! Like WHAT! It's already almost another transfer in the books. It's going fast so I'm trying to make the most of it! It's a common theme from all my friends out we all tell each other now fast it feels like it's going.  Well this week was pretty good!

Monday we went down to Swan Point, which is like a 45 minute drive from our apartment, for dinner with a Ward member. She's a member and her husband isn't but they are kinda loaded and it was pretty sweet! (Swan Point is a country club/yacht club so you get the idea) They have a granddaughter that just left on a mission so she loves the missionaries!

Tuesday I got to go to the temple!!! We went and did baptisms, confirmations and Initiatory's for family names, so I got 5 of the ones you sent me done! We laughed and said we know we are a low baptizing mission when a couple missionaries messed up holding arms and the wording for baptizing haha I love doing those ordinances but I'm so excited to go to the temple for an endowment session of Tuesday this week! I love the DC temple, but I love my Draper temple more. The DC temple is pretty great though. After the temple we went to lunch with the Roses, the APs and a couple other missionaries!

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were all pretty normal missionary days! Just stopping by Less Actives, a few teaching appointments, and we got some tracting time in which is nice with how busy we have been covering two wards!

So here's our eventful Halloween haha.. We went to a Ward trick or treat during the day. It was tons of fun! Some Ward members gave us candy to pass out so we gave the kids candy and a pass along cards haha. We then went and had a way early dinner at a members home because we had to be in by 5 for the night. So we came home and took naps and than played 3 games of Clue. I won the first 2 and then was over confident and lost the 3rd game by one card on my final guess haha. But it was pretty good.. Nothing like a Halloween night with friends back home though!

I am amazed at how fast the mission is seeming to fly by sometimes. There are rough time, times where I'm really homesick and times where it just is down right hard. But I'm happy to be a missionary. There is nothing I would rather be doing right now, of course there are "more fun" things to do back home. But a mission is truly life changing. I was having s rough week just with like come on where are the investigators to teach, but I got an email from Jill Parkinson on Sunday. She was asking for pictures for this Christmas present she is pulling together for Cole. Anyways she mentions the effects our missionary are having on people back home in Utah we never realize and in fact that is some of the best missionary work we will do while we are out. So I know my missionary service is helping people. I know for sure it is helping me and people back home. I know I'm down here in WP2 for people, like the Chamberlains, Adam, and others. Whether it is less actives, investigators, or active members, like it says in PMG my calling is to bring ALL closer to Christ.

I love you all so much!! Have great weeks!

My boy Peter, Elder Redmond and I. He was suppose to be an Indian.. Not a Lamanite :)

Us wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

So this is Willow. She's the youngest of the Chamberlain family. She's absolutely adorable. I guess I can't get away from the little kids haha. So while we were playing UNO last night she was sitting on the table in front of me and she kept popping the Dum-Dums out of my mouth and unwrapping and popping new ones in. She then would eat the one I was eating before. Gross! But Sister Chamberlain thought it was cute. I did too until I wasn't looking and she popped one from her mouth into mine haha!

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