Monday, November 16, 2015

November 9, 2015

Hi all!

Well it was an eventual week especially on Saturday with transfer call out...... I'm getting transferred.  Ahh I'm so sad to go.

So nothing special until Wednesday when I got to go to the temple! Ah it was so great, I really have missed it. It was awesome to be there with my new temporary family of missionaries. That's really what we are out here, one big family. That's what President Cooke always tells us that we are all part of his big mission family. Like the first night I was in the mission he told me, "I'm not here to replace your parents, but I will stand in their place for you for the next 2 years". It's awesome President Cooke cares that much about us. When we got to the celestial room Pres/Sister Cooke where there waiting to greet us with a handshake and a hug. They are great mission parents!

After the temple trip we went on exchange and one of our Zone Leaders, Elder Crandall came down to White Plains and Elder Redmond went up to Anacosita with the other Zone Leader. It was a fun time, nothing too special. But the next morning, so Thursday, we had to move an apartment in our complex that use to be used by a senior couple. And the DC ZLs came down so I saw Coombs for the morning!

Thursday's meetings were awesome! Every last district meeting of a transfer we have a testimony meeting. And it's always awesome! My district has been amazing and I've grown to love all of them! Like I was saying earlier about the mission being a family, the district is the close family because that's who I work with and see all the time! So I'm so sad to see them go!

Thursday night I found out that the time had finally come... I was gonna get to go on exchange finally with my boy Elder McDonald!!! We were so pumped for Friday to get to work together.... Until he got sick that night and ruined all our plans haha. So Elder Summit and Elder Hubber (McDonald's comp) are training this transfer and had to go to a meeting so we did a quick exchange so they went up to that. Elder Redmond stayed in White Plains and worked with one of our Ward Missionaries. And I had to babysit the sicky. His area is called Capitol Hill and you can see that Capitol Building and the Washington Monument from their apartment window so that's super cool!!

 I felt so bad for the guy he was really not doing so hot. But it was a fun time to sit in the apartment and just hang out with him. Even if he had to leave mid conversation a few times to throw up. It felt weird to just sit for a few hours and talk and not be out working. So I guess that is a good sign. But I honestly love that guy! He's my closest mission friend and we get along great! He's probably going to go to UVU after so we might see lots of each other even after the mission which we both are fine with!

Saturday we went to an event in the evening at the Visitors Center with one of our recent converts Scott! It was called We Serve and it was a big tribute to the veterans. It was super awesome and his wife and in laws who aren't members came! The program had the Mormon Choir and Orchestra of DC preform and Pres Cooke was the guest speaker. 

Later that night was the transfer call out. I was so shocked to hear "Elder Carroll pack your bags" I'm so sad to leave. At the same time I am kinda ready. This area is a slower area so I'm excited to possibly have more convert work in my next area. But it's so sad to see all these people go. I'm so glad I'm in a mission that I will be able to come back to at some point. Whether I get to visit WP2 again as a missionary or I come back after my mission I will come back and see people. I've truly learned to love the people here!

So I am nervous and excited for this upcoming week to find out where I'm going and who I'm with. But the Lord needs me somewhere else in his crazy vineyard he calls Washington DC. Next week I'll be writing from somewhere else!!

I love you all! Have great weeks! Don't forget to say your prayers.

White Plains District

White Plains District plus a few like the guy in the orange tie is Elder Thornton one of the traveling trainers, he's going home this transfer which is super sad! He's a stud and I've had tons of good conversations with him that have helped me out. Plus he's the only other Austin in the mission haha. And the blonde guy behind him is Elder Crandall our ZL. The guy on my lap is Elder Tanner or what we call him, Elder Tannerbud. Cause he calls everyone bud or buddy haha. He's the other traveling trainer. Plus the guys like 6'6 if you can't tell haha

The poor guy was so sick haha. He was a trooper to stay awake and talk to me most of the time haha

I was smart and brought up clothes to hang out in since I knew I would
just be in the apartment for the day babysitting him.

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