Monday, November 16, 2015

October 26, 2015

Hi everyone!

So Monday we went and taught a FHE at the Vances. It was super awesome! 

Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty normal days until mid day Wednesday. Elder Dawson got a call mid day saying his visa had arrived and he was leaving the next day. If you don't remember Elder Dawson was visa waiting here to go to Angola Africa. He was companions with Elder Summit for the White Plains 1st Ward. (Our Roommates) Him leaving mid transfer was totally unexpected we thought he would get his visa and just leave after this transfer... But nope he's gone. So here's how I got a new companion, Elder Summit, Elder Redmond and I got put in a trio to cover both wards for 3 weeks until the end of the transfer. So it's gotten pretty crazy covering two wards. We have basically 0 time for tracting or finding new investigators because we are covering all the investigators and less actives of the two wards. Like this up coming week we are booked except for some mid day hours on Friday. So it will be interesting.. Covering two wards and being in my first trio. I'm kinda the administrative guy for this trio doing all the scheduling and calling. I'm basically the face/PR of us. Especially to the WP2 Ward since I'm the one who knows all our people. 

So Thursday Elder Dawson left and our time as White Plains 3 began (the nickname given to us). So we had a dinner with a WP1 Less active and then taught our excommunicated member/investigator that night. 

Friday and Saturday were just crazy days running back and forth between appointments for the two wards. Then yesterday (Sunday) was kinda terrible haha. We were at the church from 7:30-4:30. It was the longest Sunday of my mission! I had to go to 2 primary programs! Plus we have to go to both Ward councils so we heard both sides on the whole church time conversation.  Like the WP1 Ward wants to have church at 11:30 and not take the 1 block next year. And WP2 is like no we took it this year you take it now.  I just told both wards that we are here to be missionaries not mediators haha. It was weird to be the people in both meeting though.  I'm glad we only have 2 more Sunday like that! Well hopefully, we are expecting it will all go back to normal once transfers happen but I guess who knows. Word on the street from Elder Coombs is the next transfer coming in is a big arrival group. 

Well as you can see it was a pretty eventful week. Thanks for all the love and prayers back home!
I love you all!!

To upkeep mission rules we had to move 3 beds into what use to be the
WP1 room. So we sleep a little too close for comfort at the moment.
Especially since Elder Summit snores like a lumberjack. (We took the
picture using a timer by the way)

One of my favorite Ward kids! His name is Peter and he comes from the
Bonney family, the one with 14 kids! They love the missionaries and
Sister Bonney already signed up to have us for Thanksgiving and
Christmas! So if I'm still down here I'll be skyping from their house!
They are awesome!

We went for a ride down a bike trail for P-Day, the fall leaves were amazing. We ended up biking 18 miles on the Indian Head bike trail! It was fun! I am laying on my bed now because my legs are so tired. Yeah the bike was  great! I'm glad that I got to ride it because it's just been sitting out locked on our back porch. The fall leaves are great! But I sure miss the canyon drives and all the leaves!

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