Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016

Hi all!

Sounds like it was a tough but good week back home. That's kinda like how I would describe mine. I'll run through all. Elder Schank seems to be adjusting pretty good. He gets along pretty good with McDonalds kid. I wish we had roommates so he could see other missionaries do things their way. Because I have to show him that the way I do things is not the only way or the right way to do things. All missionaries have their own style to things. And overall he's doing alright. He is a really good kid.

Yeah about the picture some lady was there and was just like oh I'm a missionary mom can I text your moms a picture of you guys.. So of course we said sure haha. And yes that was with Ismael at the Temple! Lucie just got a job (which is really really great!!!) so she wasn't able to come but it's all good we will take her next month! Lucie has been a member since November 1 so only about a month longer than Ismael.

I heard about the CC basketball game!! Ahh that's so great.. Especially after they got us in football.

So this week was pretty tough.. Long story short the missionary department in Salt Lake came down hard on missions meeting all together as a mission. They told us (and others) that we waste too much time on days like transfers. Which all of us are confused because our transfers actually work easier than others. So the whole mission is kinda mad and trying to deal with the fact that we don't get to be together as a mission anymore. We don't even know if we get a Christmas party!  So even like Why I Believes, if you don't have a recent convert, less active or investigator they will send you back to your area and you can't stay for the fireside. Like everyone thought it was so cool our mission was so close and we did things all together and got to see each other, but their take was we are wasting time. And really there are plenty of missionaries who hit their breaking point with areas/companions and things like transfers and why I believes are what help them push along and stay on their mission.. It overall is just super sad to think that we will never sing our mission song as an entire mission or be able to say goodbye to all the departing missionaries.. It will be an adjustment for sure..

Okay I'm don't ranting about that.. Back to our week. It was honestly one of my most successful weeks in Laurel. We added 2 new investigators and 3 that just need to call us this week and set up return appointments! That's 5 new investigators!! I just that the whole "New Year, New Me" approach here is real. And people realize they need
to love Jesus more so they will talk to us haha 

Other than that it was a pretty low key week. I love you all!!

Love Austin

I was sent this picture by text by a member who happened to be at the DC temple when Austin, Elder Schank were at the temple with Ishmael on Saturday.  What a nice surprise for a missionary mom!

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