Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 25, 2016

Hi everyone!!

To start off yes I am safe and warm here in DC. It's been a very low week as you can probably guess. We had to be in apartments from Friday at noon until today. But since there was some lead up we got to call and get permission to stay where we wanted. So take a wild guess at where I stayed. Yup.. Capitol Hill apartment with Elder McDonald, his kid Elder Norris and then we even got Elder Mellen! It has been such a party.. But we have had some cabin fever so we did go out for a little bit of adventuring. And it's been pretty much a 4 day birthday bash for me so it's been a great birthday! Only downside I think we all gained like 20 lbs from all the junk we ate.. Pretty much everyone's justification was, "hey it's Carroll's birthday" as we down more Oreos, Nutter Butters, Candy, Cookies, birthday cake etc. Let's just say there will be lots of running in the mornings to come haha

Only highlights before the storm was the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast. Overall it was pretty much just General Authorities running through Preach My Gospel, but as always when you hear from apostles you hear some good stuff. And then on Thursday we had a training meeting for Trainer and Trainees.. Elder Schank finally has his iPad! Whoo.. No more having to take him to the church to email and back to just laying in bed to email on Monday mornings

So I guess highlights from the snow storm was Saturday night when we all decided we just needed to get out and we were sick of the apartment. So we bundled up and took off.. We found a Subway that was still open. I know super random.. But we stopped there for some dinner. And the we stopped by to see two of the Capitol Hills Recent Converts and then we went to go see another one. But on the way we walked past this assisted living complex and saw one of their potential investigators that's in a wheelchair that was trying to get to her apartment and this guy was trying to help dig a path with a shopping cart (use your imagination). So we stepped up and helped.  So we dug her to her apartment using a crappy shovel we broke half way through so basically it became a hand shovel, a rake, and a turned over shopping cart. (Once again, use your imagination). My back and shoulder are pretty wrecked from the hour plus we put in to it, but it was so worth it! (Mosiah 2:17) Plus I'm sure it had an impact on her and hopefully they can start teaching her more and she will always remember getting dug into her apartment by 5 missionaries during the DC Blizzard.  All the pictures and videos I'll send are from that night we went out but it was tons of fun. 

Then for Sunday morning, church was cancelled, we got up and had a huge breakfast of cheesy eggs, bacon, and pancakes. It was soo good and it felt like a good old breakfast at home. It's been tons of fun with all these guys and a great weekend wind up to the birthday!! All fun and games except for the 5 hr game of Risk last night that about ended friendships between me, McDonald and Mellen. Not pretty, haha

Overall it's been a great birthday here in DC! So much fun to hang out with some of my best mission buds, but obviously I can't wait to celebrate with all of you! I miss you all tons and love you lots!!


Ps. Today we got told we can only use cars from 3-6 and we have no clue if we get to go back out tomorrow. They are still in the process of digging DC out. So kinda bummed. 

Elder Mellen, McDonald and me in SE DC! This is a pretty ghetto part
of SE but the snow doesn't make it feel that bad!

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