Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 18, 2016

Hi everyone!! It's good to hear from you this week.. Well I mean it's good to hear from you every week... You get what I mean haha

But like you said, the mission shares the disappointment in the change but we know if we linger on it, it does no good. We still had Why I Believe last night and Ismael came so we got to go. So we still got to see a lot of the missionaries. It was so nice to see some of them I haven't seen since Christmas.

I had heard about the Bama-Clemson game.. Man why can the team I want to win never win? But heard it was a good game. I missed the football and sure missed all the Bowl Game spread!!

As far as my week.. Not much happened so rather than giving you run downs on days I'll just hit a few highlights.

So on Tuesday we had interviews. First off it is so amazing President Cooke puts in the time and effort to talk to all of us each transfer. He is amazing. I'm realizing more and more how much I am going to miss him. But I'm sure President Johnson will be just as great. But in our interview he just did the usual ask how the work and companion is going and then give a few compliments that always make me feel like a better missionary that I give yourself credit for. Then he just made a few comments about how I'm in an interesting spot to be splitting right in half my time with presidents. Then he said that he knows our interviews are short and that I'm pretty self sufficient, but "Even thought we talk for only about 5 min. There may be times we need to talk for 20. But know just like I told you the first night you were here in the mission, I'm always here for you. My phone and door are always open to you." Gosh I love that man!! He has put so much into making sure he does all he can to help us!

Then Tuesday night we did an overnight exchange with the Traveling Assistants. Elder Parker was who I got to be with so it was so much fun! He goes home in 2 weeks and I'm so sad to see him go! I've got close with him and love him tons!  But Elder Parker and I had a great time and taught a great first lesson to this guy who had ordered a BOM in Tamill (some language from India). But we now are scheduled to have a Visitors Center lesson with the guy this Friday so I'll let you know next week how that goes!

I guess that leads to the only other big news this week was on Friday. I had to eat another pepper at Sister Mayes. It's tradition if you are training in Silver Spring Zone (those who get to go to Sis Mayes) you have to eat the pepper with your child. It sucked, but not quite as bad as the first time. Plus I got to have golden Oreo ice cream!! I didn't even know thay made that stuff!! But with how much I love Oreos and especially golden Oreos you can guess how much I enjoyed that. Anyways I'll try and send the video we got but it might be too big to email.  She's awesome and me and her are starting to get really close, I even finally got promised one of her famous crocheted blankets before I go home!!😊

I love you all! And I'm sending some pictures this week!


We finally got some snow... Kinda. It was gone after like 30 min. But
Elder Schank was mesmerized by it haha

It's a tradition that after lessons and stuff when we get in the car
Elder Schank and I throw up a casual fist bump

We got to go to the Why I Believe and Ismael came!!

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