Thursday, August 18, 2016

August 15, 2016

Hi everyone!

Things are starting to get back into the normal routine around here! It was sad to see Chico go, but we have him set with some Visitors Center sisters to stay in touch with him thorough Facebook and things like that until he gets to Zambia and reconnects with the missionaries there.

About switching to South. So I served there with Elder Cowan so it wouldn't be too bad if it happens since I know the area and most the people they are working with. Just the thought is our area is super slow, and their area is too much work for them. Cause they are the French missionaries so they cover the whole stake for French then the South area just for English and it's gotten too busy with French. So President was gonna think and pray about it the talk to us at Zone Conference this week about it. 

I am so jealous of you guys getting to watch the Olympics.. I'm sure they have been tons of fun! Only 16 days until College Football starts and that one will be rough on me haha. I'll make it though. 

This week was a pretty good one.. Except for the fact it was so freaking hot here!! The heat index hit 109 this last week. The humidity.. Man if felt like a sauna. Let's just say I'll probably burn all my shirts before flying home and just get one new one to come home in. But it's all good. I got to go on exchange with some of the Spanish elders and had some good appointments as well.. We have started playing Prose-Ball for some finding. Which includes us balling kids up in our shirts and ties. It's a ton of fun and we actually get people to become more interested in the church. Plus we are a pretty good duo.. Especially since Elder Sherratt is 6'5" haha

Thursday was by far our highlight. We had interviews with President and Sister Johnson and they are the best!! I'm glad I was able to get to make a immediate connection with them. I talked to both of them for probably 30 plus minutes and they were both great talks. I'm comfortable enough with President to tell him I'm getting a little burnt out on the area and he talks to me about mission business a lot. They are just so awesome!! 

But the coolest thing happened during interviews. So a guy named Paul showed up and wanted to talk to missionaries. He told us his story and how he's been jumping from church to church trying to find the true one. And he kept coming back to the Mormons. Long story short he felt like he needed to come to the chapel so he could be taught. No one is usually at the chapel on a Thursday at noon. We taught him an awesome lesson that President even came and sat in on for a few minutes and we are going to start teaching him.  It is so cool to see how the "coincidences" of life are not that at all. But the Lords hand in our day to day lives. He cares about Paul enough to prompt him to go to the church when we are there, and he cares enough about us to prompt and help us as well. If we are mindful and watchful everyday we can see miracles. I know God was and still is a God of miracles. 

I hope you all have great weeks getting ready to go back to school! I love and miss you guys!!


I'll fill you in in them all next week! They are grand kids of a less active.  We are teaching the 
two that are 8 and 9 trying to get them baptized. It is a crazy house with all the kids but nothing a 
video on the iPad can't fix haha!

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