Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 22, 2016

Hi everyone!!

I cannot believe that it is already time to get back to school!! And that this is the last school year I won't be apart of!  Time is flying! But it sounds like everyone had pretty decent weeks. 

That's awesome the Morgan's got to come speak to the ward! I'm so excited for them to get out here.  It's always fun to have a familiar face in the mission! I'm not positive about splits but we have senior couples come to lessons with us quite often so both Pres and Sis Morgan could come out depending on where they get assigned. It will be fun to have them in 5 weeks

To answer you questions- we talked to President about flipping areas and he's still trying to make a decision. He has a lot of things going on so I don't really think it's the top of his priority list. There are quite a few details that he has to consider. So I'll keep you in the loop! We are suppose to talk more on Tuesday with him. 

This week was another pretty same old same old mission week. The few highlights were Zone Conference, Stake Coordination (not really a highlight), and Why I Believe. 

So Zone Conference was on Wednesday and it was really good! A little hectic and not as smooth since it was the Johnson's first one. But it was still super good! I gave a training on helping other missionaries more confidently share their testimonies. And then the Johnson's focused on teaching the Restoration. It was great to spend time with them, they really are like parents out here to me!

Then it was Stake Coordination.. Ugh. How much I hate those stupid spreadsheets. But we have gotten it down so it onto takes us about 2 hours. But now we had to take the Excel app off our iPads cause it's not a "Church Approved App". So say hello to 4-5 hours next time we do it.  Pres Cooke said we could use it but Pres Johnson is very by the book so we have to wait to get it approved by Salt Lake. 

Then Why I Believe was sweet!! First of all we get to see other missionaries which is amazing! I miss all my friends in other zones. I got to see guys like Elder McDonald, Florence, Jenks, Mellen, Cowan. Almost everyone! Plus even better Ismael was there!! Felt kinda bad for the Laurel guys but he wanted to come sit with me hah. I love that kid! And the on top of that Josephine Chamberlain was there with a few of her boys! So in one night I got to see two of my favorite people I've worked with!! It really made me feel good and remember the good I've done on my mission so far, especially in the kinda work slump we've been having in this area. 

Things are going good out here. It is getting cooler which is a relief and we are fast approaching another transfer which is crazy to think! There's a high probability I'll get transferred out this time and there are two places which are probably my most likely, College Park ZL or DC 2nd YSA ZL, which I would be super excited for either! So we will see soon! 

Have a great week getting back to school! I love and miss you guys!!


Ceasar (guy who loves missionaries and feeds us) at our Ward FHE this last week 

Ismael & Me at Why I Believe 

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