Thursday, August 18, 2016

August 8, 2016

Hi everyone!

Yeah the transition is setting in a little better. We have interviews with President this week so I'm excited to be able to talk to him a little more about everything. Like you said when we are serving others and serving with them our prospective of them will change. So I'm sure it's just a matter of time for the 2 missions cultures to be able to better mesh. But it will be all good!

My week was pretty uneventful as well. So this might be a boring email. (Yes Mom I know you are saying any email is a good email..) We just did some settling into the area, a few zone errands, but ended up teaching a good amount of lessons! 7 investigator lessons, which for this area is pretty good! We are teaching a part member family where the wife isn't a member as well as two grandkids of a semi active grandma. So it's good! Especially with this sad news.  So Chico is moving back to Zambia. So we are sending a baptism to Africa, cause he had all the lessons taught and was ready to have his interview. That was really rough. Then on top of that Alex dropped us pretty much. But said he would meet with us after 2 weeks of reading the BoM on his own. So hopefully he will and we can come back and keep teaching him. But if not we will just move on and find others to teach. This area is pretty slow though. I'm kinda getting sick of it but there is talk we might get flipped down to the South area which would be AMAZING! I love that area and it is such a active area! I'll let you know any updates on that next week!

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. I'm glad you are able to interact with all the old ward members! There are so many good people in the two wards back home. I will still claim most of Bellevue as my home ward!  

Love and miss you!!
Official Year Mark Shirt Burn!! 

We went to the Library of Congress and the Capitol Building for p-day

Almost all the DC 3rd Elders.  Just missing Elder Stubell and you have the 6 of us 
that serve in the ward together.

My new companion, Elder Sherratt, is the tall one to my left.

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