Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 12, 2016

Hi Fam, so good to hear from you guys. 

This week was amazing but really busy. So since we are the closest Zone Leaders our responsibility with the VC is we coordinate getting Elders to come help with the set up and take down of the stage and chairs for the evening concerts with the Festival. But we have a good break this week without having to do anything with the stage. So we stay busy with that as well as we had a lot of meetings this week.  We had Elder Kim B. Clark on a mission tour. Having been the Dean of the Harvard Business School and holding 3 degrees from Harvard it was pretty incredible to interact with him so personally. Sadly I didn't get to ask for advice on anything business school related haha. We did a multi Zone Conference with him on Thursday which was super good and then we held our MLC with him at the Mission Home on Saturday. It was so amazing especially in MLC to be in such a personal setting with him and he did a Q&A which I think was really helpful for us all and really uplifting. After he left we held our normal MLC which went awesome, I love getting to sit on that Council with the other ZLs and STLs and get to talk about our mission and all the incredible missionaries we have. The Johnsons also did a little Christmas party for us with an awesome lunch and we practiced a song we are singing in our mission Christmas party. It was great!

We had some other amazing experiences in our area as well. Tim is still set for the 31st and we will be having Nelson's baptism this Sunday! We are so excited for him. Justin is still doing good but we won't see him for 2 weeks cause he is going on leave to go see his family for the holidays. This area is still doing great!

Love you guys so much! Miss you and think of you lots, but I'm glad I get another Christmas here in the mission to experience all the things missionary Christmases have to offer. 

Found this one while getting rained on checking referrals 

MLC Christmas Lunch!! This is all the Elders, the 12 Zone Leaders and the 2 Assistants

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