Thursday, December 29, 2016

December 19, 2016

Hi all!

Okay I'm laying in bed snuggled in blankets cause it's FREEZING here!!  Like you said we are staying very busy right now. And this past week wasn't a change from that. This week was a great ones. We tried to get most of the exchanges with our district leaders done since we knew the weeks would fill up the closer we get to Christmas. So we went on two this past week, which always makes the week go fast! Elder Jake Kohler (from Draper) is one of our new DLs but I went with his companion Elder Chugg. We had a blast in their Spanish area, so humbling and cool to serve for a day in a language program. We also had the adventure of walking out to a flat tire and start the day off changing it. 

Another hi light was our Zone Training we had on Thursday. We felt it went so good!! President and Sister Johnson came for the first half and they really enjoyed it. One of our favorites was our role plays of "Contacting" where we set up chairs in the gym EXACTLY how a DC metro bus is. And on top of that we got to play Santa with the Zone. There was so many packages so we set it up on the stage and had the District leaders bring their districts in then spontaneously start singing Christmas carols, then rip the curtain open to the hug pile of packages (ones not marked Christmas Mom haha). It was so awesome!! I love getting to serve all these missionaries, it's made my mission for sure. 

We had our own Ward Christmas party and it was pretty great. Awesome dinner, good program, and just getting to chat with ward members. I can't wait for you to meet some of them at Tims baptism. I now have all the details!! So it's on Dec 31st in West Valley. It will be so great!!

Last but definitely not least, we had Nelsons baptism!! It was so great! We are so happy for him. So he went to a YSA ward in Virginia with a friend that was visiting from California and he got Nelson in touch with some Temple Square sisters online then got referred to us. Since next week is Christmas and we are YSA we kinda do whatever we want haha. So we got permission and did his baptism during Sunday School then confirmed him the same day (we have sacrament last) and it was such an amazing experience to confirm him. We are pumped for him and he's doing awesome!

I cannot wait until the Skype!! I'm so excited!! I sure love and miss you guys!! See you soon

Culprit to the flat tire...

 Playing Santa for the Zone

Nelsons Baptism!!! 

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