Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 5, 2016

Hey Hey,

I know it is so crazy that it is already December and the Christmas season! It is crazy, December is always hands down the busiest month for us out here. With the Festival of Lights going on there is so much. As well as our responsibility with helping at the Visitors Center with the setting up/taking down the stage for performances, our weeks are pretty jam packed. 

As far as this week went we were pretty dang busy. I'll share some highlights. So on Friday we did a big service project with the Salvation Army that was awesome. We got the whole zone out and helped organize Christmas donations for needy kids in the area. So awesome as well was when the Salvation Army Service coordinator came us to me and said they were all so worried they wouldn't get the project done until they heard the LDS missionaries were coming. So awesome to see we have build that reputation with them. As the project was ending Nelson texted us he was already at the church for his lesson and needed to go earlier than we had set. So we ran to that lesson and then had 2 more lessons after that.  We ended up teaching in jeans, so that was new, but 3 straight lessons in jeans to end the night.. I got no complaints haha. 

Second highlight was our road trip!!! So a few weeks back we found out they are creating a YSA Stake in the DC area. So 7 wards in N. Virginia and then the DC YSA Ward and ours created the new DC YSA Stake. Since there was more units in Virginia they help the stake Conference there. It was in this pretty nice hotel in Reston VA. So we road tripped in big nasty (mission 15 passenger can) with a senior couple and the 4 other YSA missionaries in the mission (which included E. McDonald!!!). I've never been to church in hotel ball room but hey whatever it takes. And the conference was so awesome. Elder Perkin of the seventy and Elder Calderwood the area authority gave amazing talks. Plus I feel like everyone is more relaxed in YSA cause there was jokes getting thrown left and right. Plus we got to spend the time with the Morgan's which is always great. 

Side note yes Tims baptism will be Dec 31st at 1pm in West Valley. I'll get the address.. We have appointments with Justin and Nelson this week too. Nelson is still on track for Dec 18th and Justin is still praying about his date. 

Things are going good here. I'll include some pictures from the Lights that sure helped kick off the Christmas season out here. Sure love and miss you guys. Skype is coming up quick!!


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