Monday, April 3, 2017

March 27, 2017

Hey Fam-

Yeah the weather here has been pretty weird too.  One day it's 80 then the next it's 40. So we are hoping it will even out and just start to become spring soon. The Cherry Blossom Parade is April 8th, so coming up soon! We are all super stoked for it because it's a day of getting to hang out with the whole mission on the National Mall and you get to help with/be in a parade. Pretty sweet:) 

Sounds like the week was a good one. Happy Birthday Dad!! Glad you got to have some good times with the family enjoying that and celebrating. I'm glad Leby got to speak! I actually spoke in Sacrament yesterday too! But yes you did have to work with my to slow down speaking.  I still have to haha. Sometimes in lessons out here there is just so much to try to fit in and I have to catch my self and slow down haha. 

Well to answer all your questions about the area then I'll get to the week. So in our mission all of our areas/zones are based off the units we are serving. So since we are serving the Montgomery Village Ward our area is called Montgomery Village. And then all our zones are based off Stake boundaries, so our zone is the Seneca Zone which is just all the missionaries in the units of the Seneca Stake. Same goes for all the previous zones, so when I was in Silver Spring Zone it was all the missionaries in the Silver Spring Stake. 

This week was a pretty good one. The people we are working with are great except for one thing. We can't get them to church to save our life! I don't know if it's because it's at 9:00 am or what, but it's been super rough to get them to church in this area. But Tiara is doing good, she texted us Sunday morning and wasn't going to make it because her baby daughter was sick. But we still were able to have a lesson with her last night. Right now it's just the challenge of getting her and her boyfriend married. As well as trying to get Jeff (the boyfriend) engaged with the lessons. He always has an excuse and then says next time when we invite him for the lessons. But I guess he has told Tiara he wants to be baptized with her. As far as other people, Dipo had fallen off the face of the earth until like 2 days ago when he finally picked up his phone. So we are gonna go see him tonight and see how things are going. 

Like you said transfers are next week, so crazy! This one has gone by so fast!  It really is crazy how fast this is all going, like this week is my last General Conference. I am so excited to be able to hear from our church leaders. Each of the last conferences I've been out here for have been so amazing and I know this one will be too. 

Enjoy Conference weekend as a family! Sure love you guys!


Hey! Yeah I was gonna send what our weights look like! We just got a bar and some new weights. So now we are set. Still a little bugged we can't use the apartment gym.  Our apartment kinda sucks, one of the worst I've lived in out here. For PDay it was District Activity so we had lunch at Cafe Rio and then played volleyball at the church. 
It's kinda crazy!! 100 days left on Conference 

When you let the kids at the lesson take pictures with your iPad...

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