Monday, April 17, 2017

April 10, 2017

Hey Fam! 

Well the week was another pretty good one. We had transfers like I mentioned last week and last minute we got the call saying there was gonna be a change. So Elder Strubell left and now I'm comps with Elder Vance. I felt pretty bad for Strubbs especially with all the stuff going on with Latif and his baptism coming up. But it's all good, actually it's been awesome! I love Elder Vance. We can just talk and talk and get along so good. He's from Orange County California, little older at 25, and races motorcycles and fought MMA before the mission. So he's a pretty cool guy to say the least. 

Biggest event of the week was the Cherry Blossom Parade. Just like last year it was so much fun!! Plus it felt so good to be back in the city, just getting to ride the metro and walk around DC again. Sure brought back good memories of the near 8 months I got to serve there. Miss it so much. So for the parade we didn't really get a legit job so we just got to walk around and then watch the parade haha, it as a good time. But at least some missionary work was accomplished. I was talking to this other volunteer and she said she's going to come to Why I Believe. Like let's be real she probably won't show but it's gotta count for something! Haha  Plus just getting to see all the missionaries was a blast. After the parade I grabbed lunch with Cowan, McDonald and some other mission buds at one of our favorites, &Pizza. Kinda bummer of the day was when we got back to our car and realized we were absolutely fried from standing in the direct sun most of the day.

As far as things work wise everything is still going super great! Latif came to church which is no surprise considering how he is doing.  But then George surprised us and actually showed up!! It was awesome having both of them at church. Tiara and Jeff are still working on deciding if and when they will get married. But we have good feelings on that one. Bishop is staying in touch with Jeff which is so nice. Such good member support in the ward here. Also we are suppose to see Dipo today so hopefully that holds. Latif is doing so great, he's progressing like no investigator I've ever worked with. He's now on date for April 22nd. It's been a mission highlight, like the best end to my mission I can think of to work with this family. Watching Latif finally decide to join the church along with all the changes we have seen in him have been incredible and now make them an eternal family that's going to prepare to be sealed in a year. I feel so blessed and privileged to have been able to be apart of this whole process, it's amazing to play just a small part in the Lords work here. 

Well that's a wrap, I'm glad you all had a great spring break!! Love you all and miss you too!


On Tuesday we all got up early to play basketball one last time then enjoyed a 
nice McDonalds breakfast before transfers. 

Spanish ward had a Tree of Life ward Activity so the other 
Elders got dressed up by the ward for it.

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