Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017

Hi all!

I know it is crazy it's already April. The months just seem to keep clicking by. Sounds like you all had a great week and enjoyed General Conference. That's so great you were able to attend Alyssa's endowment, what a great time to be with the family. I'm glad you were able to enjoy Conference with all the normal traditions. I'll admit it crossed my mind a few times that I'll be home for the next post Priesthood at Goodwood. 

It was a great Conference weekend out here, good one to end on . So for the Saturday sessions we went up to the Stake Center where it was broadcast. Between sessions we went and grabbed some Cafe Rio for lunch:) Any time we are able to be up in that area we have to take advantage of it haha. Then we were at the Stake Center for Priesthood session. Then Sunday morning we went down to the Visitors Center. There was a good handful of missionaries there and the Johnsons as well. They had some family in town so it was fun to see them in Grandma/Grandpa mode with some of their adorable grand kids. Plus Elder Cowan was there that morning so I got to sit next to him and catch up some. To finish it out we went and watched the last session at a members house. It was nice to finally sit on a couch for a session haha. There was a lot of really great talks this Conference, I felt like there was a lot of focus on the Plan of Salvation and recognizing/listening to the Holy Ghost. I'd have to say some of my favorite talks were the three you mentioned as well as Elder Ballards.  Plus his joke at the beginning reminded me a lot of when we was here visiting the mission and just how personable he was with us. 

This week also was super good in our area. First off on Saturday morning we went to Tiaras with Bishop. And Jeff (the boyfriend) finally sat in on a lesson!! Then Bishop talked about them getting married and it was so awesome! He's one of my favorite Bishops I've worked with out here. So we are excited to see them this week and see where they are at. Dipo and George are doing good too, just need to help them keep their commitments better. 

Here was our favorite of the week though, so we got a call from a member that we have known pretty good since we got here and she told us her non member husband had agreed to take the lessons. Little did we know that earlier this week they were on edge of getting divorced. So we meet with Latif (he's from Morocco) and had an amazing lesson. He's been basically watching the church for 8 years and it's just now is finally his time. He asked some really good questions and he's now on a baptismal date for May 6th, which might get moved sooner! When we asked if he would give the closing prayer he agreed and then asked for help. Which almost no one does cause of how the humility you have to show to do that. Plus he came to priesthood session! They have already started talking to us about getting sealed and everything in a year, so looks like I might be needing to take a flight out to DC next spring! (Temple will be closed so it will actually be Philly). But we are super excited to work with the them and see them come together to be an eternal family. 

Well that's a wrap, another great week out here. Hope you guys enjoy Spring Break! Love and miss you guys!!


Here's some pictures we took down at the temple Sunday morning. It was super bright so that's why we are squinting so hard! 

Reunion with Elder Cowan 

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