Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17, 2017

Hey Everyone!

Like you said the work is always better when you have a great companion. And goes even better when you have a good companion AND a good area! And that's what life has been this past week, Elder Vance and I are still doing awesome and the area is doing even better. We had 5 Investigators at Sacrament on Sunday! Granted it was Easter but it was still great to see so many of them come out to church. We are prepping for Latifs baptism this Saturday and we are super excited for him and his family. We had a really cool experience with the Bahamou's (Latif's family) on Friday night. We went over to finish up some of the last lessons and we taught about the priesthood. During the lesson Amber started to get a migraine and she has fibromyalgia so she was really hurting and asked for a blessing. After the lesson we gave her a blessing that was just powerful, there aren't words to describe it and the spirit that was felt. The priesthood is so real. The next day at church Amber said that the pain was taken away after the blessing as well it was kinda the cap stone of Latifs learning where she feels the switch got flipped and he gets it all now better than before. I know God continues to be a God a miracles today, this whole story of Latifs conversion and the small parts like that night all are a living testimony of that. 

Easter was an amazing Sunday for this ward, there has been a 14 year old girl from the ward who had been in the hospital for about a month who passed away on Saturday night. So it was very emotional for the ward and it was really amazing to see the focus on the true meaning of Easter for all of them. To end the meeting her Dad got up and bore his testimony and it was so powerful.  His daughter has died 12 hours before but offered such an incredible testimony. After we got to go have an Easter dinner with a family in the ward. It was kinda like normal but with a twist because they are from El Salvador. So we had ham like at home but then some dishes that aren't quite what we have on Easter but it was so nice to be with them. They are such a nice family and they are so good to us. She insists we call her Grandma:) Sister Romero (Grandma) said to tell Mom that she had missionaries so she knows what it's like to have them away so she had to make sure we were taken care of. They are incredible people.  

Well that about it for the week, can't wait to let you know how the baptism goes this week. The work is going great and time is flying. Love you all so much!


Ice cream this past week to celebrate 
Elder Vances year mark!!

Before & After...
This is one of the Bahamou kids, Alex. (His nick name is Doodle) 
So it was time for the summer buzz cut and he asked if we 
would do it for him when we were over talking to Amber 
and Latif one day this last week!

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