Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 29, 2017

Hi Gang!

Well sounds like it was a low key, but good week for you guys. That's how I would describe our week out here. 
It's crazy to think that exactly 2 years ago I was here in DC with you Mom and Dad! Man how time flies. It's been weird to have a super clear memory like that this weekend to think about how much has changed in those two years. Like us running around trying to figure out how to get places, or ride the metro, or find places to eat. And now DC is like my second home. I can't wait for a few weeks to have you all here and get to show you the DC I've now come to know and love so much. 

Well this week has been good, but a little slower since I got sick on Friday. It's just a head cold with a bad sore throat and hacking up my body weight in mucus. Some other missionaries had it before me so it's going around. Judging off their recovery time I should be all good within the next day or so. But we were still able to have a good week with the people we are working with. Mackedas baptism is this week! We are super excited for her. It's been so awesome to teach someone who's been so prepared by the Lord but as well her family. She knows basically everything about the church and then we fill in the gaps. Like we taught tithing and her only questions was "which guys in the suits can I give it to?"  Ha, classic. 

Well that's all I've got.. the more emails I write the harder it is to make them long and detailed. But things are going great, I hope you guys have a great week! Love you!!


 Elder (Jake) Kohler from Draper takes off in the coming week 

Crashed a birthday party

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