Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May 15, 2017

Hello family!

Well it is good to know you all are alive and well after the Skype! It's always weird to send an email less than 24 hours after seeing each other. So this one will probably be pretty short. But I agree, it was beyond the hi light of the week to talk to you guys. It's always so nice to see how easy it is to jump back into our relationships as a family even after this much time to just jump back in. 

It's so crazy to say goodbye and realize that the next time I see you guys it will be in person! You asked about My Plan, so it is each week we work on a different section and we just do it during our personal Study time. I've really liked it so far, the church did a really good job with it and I really like the message it sends to returning missionaries. I think it's helped manage the emotions of coming home some. Tonight I'll get the call of where I'll be for the last transfer. It is so crazy to realize I'm starting my last transfer. Now just to see where I'll be for it!

Things are going really good here in Mo-Ville. Like I mentioned on the Skype call, Latif blessed the Sacrament for the first time yesterday and Mackeda came to church. On top of that a member brought her boyfriend and we are going to start teaching him! Things are going well as we continue to work with George and Susan as well as Tiara and a few others. The work is going awesome here, I really would like to stay here with Elder Vance, but we will see. 

It was so great to see you yesterday! I'll probably be a little later next week responding with the trip to Arlington, but I'll make sure to take some pictures! Love you guys!!


An e-mail that we received later....
Well looks like I'll be finishing my mission is Mo-Ville with Elder Vance. We are really excited to be stay here together and see what we can pull off with these last few weeks. 

Love you all and thanks for all the support!

 We had District Activity today, we just hung out at the chapel and played ping pong 

We came back to this place after we knocked it a few days before and found this sign 

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